The Must Have Essential Power Tool List [2023 Update]

Owning power tools is a must for any DIYer, woodworker or contractor.

But with so many available, what are the essentials to have that would be used most frequently?…

1. Circular Saw

A circular saw is a power saw designed to make precise cuts into materials such as wood, plastic and even metal. They can be used handheld or while mounted to a machine. Cuts are typically made by securing the workpiece in place and advancing the saws vertically positioned circular blade slowly across it. Available in corded, cordless, right and left-handed versions, they are great for a wide variety of users. Specifically, there are great for people looking for a high powered no-nonsense saw that offers precise and reliable cuts time after time.

2. Miter Saw

A miter saw has a circular blade positioned vertically, however, it also features a pivoting arm which allows the user to pivot the blade left and right to perform angled cuts. A miter saw specializes in a few distinct types of cut; bevel cut (an angled cut that is not perpendicular to the surface of the work material), miter cut (an angled cut made on the face of two workpieces so that they come together, creating a corner), compound cut (a combination of the above two cuts), cross cut (a standard cut made at a right angle to the wood grain). A miter saw is a must have if you’re looking to perform angled cuts, for example, to regularly cut housing trim. They are also available cordless, although these tend to be smaller saws.

4. Orbital sander

best random orbital sander featureOrbital sanders remove material and sand the surface of your work surface using a cyclical or oscillating motion. The fast vibration and rotation of the sanding plate produce the smoothest of finishes, leaving behind no obvious sanding marks. They are also super easy to use with their palm-sized handle and ergonomic design. Their design and reliable performance make them perfect at putting those finishing touches to both personal and professional projects.

3. Jigsaw

Useful both in trade and for domestic use, a jigsaw is a go-to tool for producing curved cuts into wood, sheet metal and plastic. This is made possible due to the shape and weight of the blade which allows the user to guide and direct the working material with ease. Of course, they can also make straight cuts, typically using a marginally wider blade, both across and along the wood grain, and in other materials such as plastic. An extremely versatile tool, made more so that the most popular models are now cordless. You will be able to make intricate cuts in a matter of seconds and with the large selection of blades available, your creativity will have no limits.

4. Impact Driver

The primary use of an impact driver is to drive in screws. It does this using concussive blows and bit rotation to drive the screws into place. When it comes to driving in screws, the incredible torque and focused design of an impact driver make them unbeatable. Due to their no-nonsense design and effectiveness, they are commonly used within the trade by professionals why rely on their tools to make a living. For casual DIYers, they may not be a must-have tool, however, if you are finding a standard drill driver isn’t offering you enough power or find yourself driving home a lot of screws, an impact driver is a must-have.

5. Hammer Drill

A hammer drill is an exceptionally powerful tool designed to drill through the toughest of materials such as concrete, masonry, stone and brick. They can also be used as a conventional drill at the flick of a switch making them more than just a one use tool and an attractive option for more power tool users. They are available corded and cordless. If you need to make holes in hard material, owning a hammer drill is a no brainer as nothing else will perform this job better. If you don’t, there is no need to own one as they are more expensive and heavier than a regular drill.

6. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are great for making abrasive cuts, sharpening, polishing and removing excess material from the surface of an object. The growing number of attachments such as grinding stones, cut-off discs and wire brush wheels constantly add to the versatility and potential of this tool. They are commonly used in the construction and metal working industries, service garages, body repair workshops and in emergency rescue situations. They can also prove very useful for home users due to their versatility and unique performance abilities.

7. Oscillating Multi-Tool

Uses for a Oscillating ToolPerhaps the most versatile power tool on the market, an oscillating tool is a multipurpose hand-held power tool designed to perform a variety of jobs on a variety of materials. This incredible versatility is made possible due to the massive amount of attachment types that have been made available. Available attachments range from simple wood cutting blades and triangular sanding pads to grout removal and scraper blades. An oscillating tool is a handyman’s dream tool and is a must-have for pretty much everyone interested in DIY, from tradesmen to hobbyists.

8. Portable Jobsite Table Saw

table sawThe portability of a portable jobsite table saw make them extremely convenient and a very useful choice of tool for many. On top of their portability, they are able to produce highly accurate and efficient cuts to your desired length. A portable table saw is a great option for all serious woodworkers as it gives you the flexibility and convenience to saw from any location, whether that is at various locations around one job site or many. The ability to make quick cuts to length from any location can really speed up the process and lead to quicker project completion, saving you both time and money!

9. Reciprocating Saw

best cordless reciprocating saw featured imageKnown for the back and forth or ‘reciprocating’ motion of its saw blade, a reciprocating saw is a powerful yet compact tool commonly used in construction while also suitable for users in a domestic setting. Available in corded, cordless and compact versions along with a vast amount of compatible attachments, the reciprocating saw makes for a great choice If you need a lightweight, easy to use and powerful tool for cutting and sanding.


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