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Best Manual Tile Cutter for Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles – Reviews & Guide 2024

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A tile cutter can come in handy when a saw might seem like overkill.

There are a lot of options available which might be confusing.

You could be left with a tile cutter that isn’t sized correctly, is not powerful enough or can’t handle your tile size. We’ve put together this short list of some of the best models along with a buying guide at the end.

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The Best Tile Cutter with Reviews 2024

Here's a list of the best tile cutters we found:

1. SIGMA Metric Tile Cutter

  • Rotating measuring bar
  • Made from aluminum alloy and steel
  • 26” straight cutting size
  • 12mm scoring wheel
  • 1150kg breaking strength


  • Easily maneuvered for a wide range of cuts
  • Easy to use and extremely accurate
  • Great durability
  • Cuts many materials
  • Very powerful


  • Metric measurements
  • Small handle


Sigma have been able to produce this excellent tile cutter which isn’t too bulky but it still able to deliver an excellent amount of power. The measuring bar allows 45° of rotation in both directions, giving you all the angled cuts that you need.

It does that with brilliant durability with the strong materials it is made from. All that adds up to a breaking strength of 1150kg which is going to make light work of all standard tiles. That makes it highly versatile at not just cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles, but also materials such as granite.

2. Goplus 36-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

  • Almost no assembly
  • Tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Curved & extended handle
  • Multi-angle cutting
  • 36” straight cutting size


  • Good for Industrial use
  • Very sturdy
  • Safe to use even for novice
  • Much faster than wet saw


  • Wheel wears quickly
  • Not the cleanest cut lines


For those looking for something a cutter focused on efficiency, this is your tool. It is brilliant at performing quick, clean cuts with almost zero setup time.

The curved handle and rigid design allow it to be sturdier than its’ cheaper counterparts. Less wobble equals less waste. This is an excellent tile cutter that comes at an affordable price.

Pro tip: we’d recommend picking up a diamond file to complement this tool for refining edges as it does not do very clean lines.

3. QEP 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter

  • 24” straight cutting size
  • Adjustable measurement guide
  • Large rubber handle
  • Smooth scoring
  • Wide base


  • Easy cutting action
  • Durable cutting wheel
  • Easy to clean
  • Great stability


  • Cuts aren’t always as smooth as other models
  • Not great for large/thick tiles


For a budget tile cutter, this is an excellent product. If you’re looking for a cutter for large, expensive tiles then this probably wouldn’t be the best for you. For most jobs, it is able to provide and excellent level of quality for an easy and simple job.

The large rubber handle makes it very easy to use and the tile cutter is very well built. It is also easy to clean and maintain too. The titanium coated tungsten-carbide scoring wheel will be very smooth over the tile and has great durability too.

4. Seeutek 35 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

  • Anti-skid rubber handle
  • Spatial linear bearing block
  • Solid steel rail
  • High quality ball bearing
  • Fabric cushion


  • High accuracy
  • Great tile protection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Impressive durability


  • Difficult for intricate cuts
  • Laser light not bright enough


We looked earlier at a great product from Seeutek that has a very high level of quality and this is from the same ilk but in a smaller size. Like with that model, the laser light isn’t great on this but its smaller size makes that less of an issue.

What this tile cutter is able to give you though is a high level of precision with your cut. The tile protection is also brilliant and will minimize the risk of you breaking tiles. The anti-slip handle and solid steel track will give you a brilliant level of control.

5. SIGMA 2A3 Metric Only Tecnica Tile Cutter

  • Diamond scoring wheel
  • Spring loaded table
  • Swivel measuring bar
  • 20” straight cutting size
  • Max tile depth of 20mm


  • Compact size
  • Easy for diagonal cuts
  • Durable wheel
  • Great portability


  • Metric measurements
  • Small handle


Sigma are known in the industry as an excellent manufacturer of tile cutters. For those looking for a portable cutter, this would be a brilliant option. It has an excellent level of durability both in the cutting wheel and also the overall build quality.

The swivel measuring bar is perfect for a wide range of cutting angles. The smaller size that it has makes it perfect for people on the go. The metric measurements may be an issue for some but this is something you can quickly get used to.

Buying Guide

Cutting dimensions

The first thing that you need to think about is the size of the tiles that you are going to cut. The headline size that you see on a product description is the length of straight cut that it can provide. This is obviously not the only cut that you’ll be making though.

The longest diagonal cut that you would be able to make is always shorter than this figure. It usually equates to around 2/3 of the straight cutting length. It’s important therefore to know what cuts you need before looking to buy a tile cutter.

Tile thickness

The thickness of the tile is also going to be important and also the material of the tile too. All these products that we have looked at are perfect for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles but there may be times when you want to cut something a little stronger.

This is not always possible with the more budget models but they are still able to do a great job with thicker ceramic and porcelain tiles. Just like with checking the size of tile you are getting, you also want to check the thickness too.

Scroll wheel

A tile cutter without a good scroll wheel is nothing. This is the part that needs to perform at the highest level for the longest time. Due to this it needs to have a good balance of materials to give it the sharp edge that it needs but also the durability.

For those reasons, the scroll wheels are usually made from tungsten-carbide which is able to give it all of those qualities. It is often aluminum coated too which adds further durability to it. All the models we have featured here have an excellent level of quality.


The power of these cutters is measured in their breaking strength which is a measure of the weight pressure that they are going to be able to exert. For ceramic and porcelain tiles, this is never really going to be an issue.

It only becomes important when you need to complete a higher level of work, such as cutting thicker granite tiles. For these tiles you’ll want to have a breaking strength of over 1,000kg to ensure that you’re going to be able to get the job.


There are certain products where you are able to get a cheap version and happily use it. That is not the case with tile cutters though as they need to get through a huge amount of work. The build quality needs to be high, as does the quality of the cutting wheel.

Here we have carefully selected products that meet a very high standard of build quality. Their construction comes from high-grade aluminum and steel. As we have previously mentioned, the cutting wheel needs to be made from great material such as tungsten-carbide.


The portability of a tile cutter is more of a personal preference rather than a defining feature. If you are always going to be using it in a home workspace then it won’t really matter if the cutter is particularly long or heavy.

If you are going to be on the move then this is going to be more of an issue. You will want to make sure you can get a cutter that you will easily be able to transport from one place to another. This will depend on both the weight and the dimensions of the tile cutter.


How do I maintain my tile cutter?

Tile cutters don’t require a huge level of maintenance but you do want to make sure that they stay in good working order. For daily maintenance, it’s a good idea to wipe it down with a clean cloth and add lubricating oil to keep it running smoothly.

For deeper cleans and maintenance, there are a few great items to use. One of the common ones is diluted brick acid as this is going to be able to take away any build up. It’s also worth it to make sure you’re using the tile cutter carefully to maximize its lifespan.

Why not an electric tile cutter?

Electric tile cutters can be excellent to use but they do have some significant downsides. They are generally heavier than manual cutters which makes them harder to transport. That will provide difficulty to many users.

They are also significantly more expensive and unless you are constantly using a cutter in one place, it can be wasted money. They also require a large amount of power too. Electric cutters can be great for an intense workload in a static location but manual tile cutters can do a great job.

Do I need a swivel ruler?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of cuts you are going to need. Even if you think that you are only going to complete straight cuts, the reality is that sooner or later you are going to have to cut at different angles.

Due to that, you will likely want to measure out your cuts at different angles. A swivel ruler will allow you to easily do that. You want to look for a tile cutter where you are going to be able to cut at multiple different angles and measuring them out will make your life easier.

Wrapping it up

Cutting tiles with a wet saw vs tile cutter can be difficult and time-consuming. Cutting them with a tile cutter, on the other hand, is going to make your life a lot easier. Getting the right one can make a daunting job start to look incredibly easy.

The best way to do that is with the Sigma Metric Tile Cutter which is going to be able to provide consistent smooth cuts. It has an exceptional build quality, an easy cutting wheel and allows you to work quickly at all angles.

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