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The Best Router Table for Your Workshop 2020

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If you enjoy woodworking, you know how much easier life can be with a top router table.

Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, a router table can improve your woodwork drastically.

However, buying the wrong router table will only increase your workload by causing unnecessary headaches and trouble.

So we’ve put tother this shortlist of some of the top models available, as well as a buyer’s guide at the end.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
Kreg PRS1045
While it is somewhat pricey, the PRS1045 is for those who need the versatility with incredible adjustability to take your woodworking projects to the next level. Highly rated & very popular.
Best Value
Bosch RA1181
If you need a benchtop table, then the RA1181 will be at the top of your list. Designed to fit any router, can be mounted on any workbench & has a dust collection system. A top seller that's highly rated.
Best Budget
Best suited to those who want to spend the least on a quality router table. It's made from the same quality materials as others but does the job at an affordable price.

The Best Router Table with Reviews 2020

Here’s a list of the best router tables we found:

1. Kreg PRS1045 Router Table System - Top Pick

  • Heavy 12- & 16-gauge steel construction
  • Adjustable in height from 29 to 35 Inches (736mm-889mm)
  • 20 x 28 Inches (508mm-711mm) steel stand footprint
  • A keyhole slot in the table accepts the quarter-turn fence lock, and allows the fence to be removed easily for freehand routing operations
  • Table comes equipped with a combination miter-gauge/T-track to accept a miter gauge
  • The fence adjusts easily with just one hand, and locks firmly in place with dual locks
  • Comes with the PRS4038 router insertion plate that is undrilled

The Good

  • Unmatched versatility with incredible adjustability
  • Highly rated & very popular
  • Large working space provides plenty of room
  • Long T-square table fence
  • Stong industrial-like build

Not so Good

  • It’s expensive compared to benchtop models
  • Few complaints about this model


Kreg has designed a great, all-encompassing router table that is perfect for both skilled and amateur woodworkers. Its easy-to-use design makes it one of the best router tables on the market. Also, you won’t have to worry about having your own workbench as the sturdy metal stand provides plenty of support for large projects.

There are also some great additional features, including a router table top with insert plate, and a router table fence. The clean, minimalist design prevents complications when you’re working. While this is on the higher end of the budget ranges, it’s a great option if you want to increase your workshop’s efficiency.

2. Bosch RA1181 - Benchtop Router Table - Best Value

  • Attaches to the surface of any form of workbench
  • Dual outlet switch with 6-foot power cord
  • Aluminum router plate and fence
  • Comes with three mounting plates, adjustable clear guard, outfeed fence shims, two feather boards, and a starter pin
  • 27x18 in. working surface

The Good

  • Plenty of accessories that help you get the most out of the router table
  • Large work surface equipped to handle almost any project
  • Sturdy aluminum plate and fence that ensure durable performance
  • Includes 1-Year warranty from one of the world’s leading brands

Not so Good

  • You need a workbench to attach the router table
  • Price point on the higher side


If you’ve already got a workbench, this is the best router table platform on the market. With a wealth of high-end, sturdy accessories, you can do almost anything with this table. With this router table, precision cuts are easily attainable.

The product may be on the more expensive side of offerings in the market, but it provides the best capabilities and most durable accessories. While this table does require a workbench, it can be expected that an experienced artisan would already own one.

Overall, we think it’s perfect for a woodworker of any skill level.

3. Skil RAS900 Router Table - Best Budget

  • Laminated top for easy maneuvering
  • Two feather boards
  • Starting pin for easy operation
  • Two storage containers
  • Bit height gauge

The Good

  • Large working surface for more demanding projects
  • Plenty of accessories that provide added functionality
  • Solid base for the router table
  • Good price point

Not so Good

  • Not as many features as some of the high-end router tables
  • The sometimes moves during use


If you’re looking for a solid mid-range router table, this SKIL RAS900 is a great option. It provides users with an ample working space, durable feather boards, storage containers, and a starting point. The entire router table is built on a sturdy foundation, so you won’t need your own workbench to benefit from the product.

Reviews are varied for this product; some users find it tedious to operate due to loose parts while others enjoy it immensely.

With a solid price point in comparison to some of the larger router tables on the market, it’s hard to go wrong with the SKIL RAS900. It’s well-suited for novices and experienced woodworkers.

4. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

  • Rugged steel stand with vibration-dampening rubber feet
  • Professionally edge banded reinforced MDF top (16 in. x 24 in.)
  • Tabletop height of 16 in.
  • Impact-resistant easy-slide Microdot skin
  • Full-size router inserts plate (9-1/4 in. x 11-3/4 in. x 3/8 in.) with 3 level-loc reducing rings
  • Unique bottom-up levelers with 8 individual contact points for leveling accuracy
  • Independent fence faces that allow the table to double as a vertical jointer
  • Vacuum shroud for a clean workplace

The Good

  • Highly rated
  • Solid design
  • Industrial grade as a portable model
  • Most routers will be able to mount to this plate as you will drill your own mounting holes


Not so Good

  • Not many complaints about this

5. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

  • Router table with attached base 4-7/8" x 25-1/8"
  • Large aluminum fence
  • Two feather boards
  • Two dust collection ports
  • Also includes aluminum mounting plate, three mounting plate rings, mounting hardware, starter pin, starter guards, adjustable clear guard, and two outfeed fence shims

The Good

  • Comes with an attached base for those who don’t have a table
  • An affordable price point for most woodworkers
  • Dust collection helps keep the surface clean

Not so Good

  • Stand for router table is quite small and is cabinet style
  • Rough surface makes sliding boards more difficult
  • Using the fine adjustment knobs and fence rails can be tedious


Here is another great router table option from Bosch, one of the best hardware producers on the planet. While this cabinet style router table comes with a stand, it’s actually less expensive than the first router table featured in this review. The router table has an extremely sturdy fence that makes it an excellent choice for large pieces of wood. The additional accessories are second-to-none in the industry; you won’t find as many add-ons in almost any other product.

On the other hand, some users report difficulty making precise cuts since the adjustment knobs sometimes move during operation. There are also mixed reviews on the overall build quality of this table, most notably the weak screws holding the cabinet door.

Overall, this router table should be considered by the casual woodworker due to its small yet capable design.

6. Craftsman Router and Router Table

  • 334 square inches of working space
  • Double power strip with a safety lock included
  • Internal dust extraction port
  • Comes with a router, fence, dust guard, feather boards, wrench, and miter gauge
  • The router is 9.5 amp

The Good

  • Plenty of table space
  • Affordable for the quality level
  • Dust extraction keeps the workspace clean
  • Comes with a router, for those who don’t have one
  • Plenty of additional accessories that can help you tackle your next big project

Not so Good

  • The stand for this table is small and subpar


If you don’t already have a router or workbench, this router and router table combo is one of the best deals you can find. There’s a reason we’ve assigned it our best value product. The table provides plenty of surface space for large projects, as well as a range of additional accessories such as feather boards, dust guards, and router fences. The internal dust extraction port not only keeps your workspace clean, but it also protects your respiratory system.

This sturdy table comes in at less than 30 lbs., making it one of the most portable tables on the market. This router combo is an excellent choice for the beginner woodworker or someone needing a second table to take from job site to job site.

7. Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

  • Bench mounted router table
  • 8"x6" work table
  • Adjustable fence
  • Different edges including slot, groove, trim, and sand
  • Integrates with Dremel rotary tool

The Good

  • Extremely affordable
  • Decent workspace, despite being smaller than more expensive competitors
  • Comfortably positioned on any form of sturdy bench

Not so Good

  • Requires Dremel rotary tool
  • Not as many accessories
  • Smaller than many tables
  • Design is not as solid as others


If you’re someone who is looking for a cheap, practical entry router table, this Dremel router table is one of the best options on the market. You can’t find anything more reliable at this price point. While the workspace isn’t big, it’s compact and can easily attach to your Dremel rotary tool. The base of the router table secures itself nicely on almost any surface. You can take advantage of a range of different edge options.

Conversely, this is not a product you should seek out if you do not plan on using any other Dremel products since it does require the rotary tool

If you’ve got a low budget or are a beginner woodworker, then you won’t regret purchasing the Dremel product.

Is it Worth Buying a More Expensive Router Table?

If you’re in the market for a new router table, you might be wondering the benefits of spending more money. While there is no doubt that some of the more expensive tables provide added features and advantages, it doesn’t mean you need them for your next project. Consider the features that come with more expensive tables such as added guards, stronger feather boards, aluminum features, and solid stands can help enhance your experience.

However, smaller router tables can also be great for specific projects, and you don’t need to break the bank to get value out of your router table.

This is especially true if you’re working on smaller projects. If you don’t need the additional features and durable build, there’s no point spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end router table. If this will only be for occasional, small usage, then try to stick to less than $100.

What to consider when buying a Router Table

While reading recommendations from sources is a great way to find a solid table, there are some other steps you can take to ensure you buy the right table. In this section of our article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how you can find the best router table for your project.

Set a Budget

The first thing you should do is set a budget. This is especially true if you’re a hobby woodworker who doesn’t plan on receiving considerable income from your router table. If you have an exact budget in mind, you can narrow down your potential options from the start. Remember, you don’t need an excessive budget to attain a great router table for your garage or workshop.

Assess Your Usage Location

Next, you should determine where you plan on using your router table. If you believe your router table will stay in your workshop or garage, then you do not need to purchase a compact or transportable table. That said, if you have a large workshop, a router table that includes a stand with wheels is a great feature to keep in mind.

For those who plan on working on-the-go or on-site, you might want to consider a smaller, more portable router table. Fortunately, these tables are not overly expensive, and you can find a portable router table for less than $100. There are many listed in our recommendations.

Base Matters

As you can see from all our reviews, each router table is different. Some are fitted as extensions to workbenches, others sit on top of surfaces, and some even have their own support systems. If you already have a workshop with a workbench, you won’t need a router table with a stand. If you don’t, aim for a router table that comes with a secure platform.

Determine the Size of Your Projects

If you’re going to take on a large project, it’s essential to have a large, sturdy router table to take on the project. Using a small router table on large pieces of wood can create serious problems. Using an improperly sized table can be dangerous, so plan accordingly.

Assess Accessories

Most router tables come with fences and feather boards, while some include many more accessories. Determine if you need a starting pin, steel bands, insert plates, and more. It’s not always required but added accessories do provide real value if you know what you’re doing.

Find a Good Warranty

Whenever you purchase a new piece of hardware, it’s important to take your investment seriously. You don’t want something to break down shortly after you purchase it, especially if you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on the item. A solid warranty is the best way to protect yourself against faults with your next router table.

Most major companies provide considerable warranties for products like router tables, and you can count on larger companies to guarantee their products. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure that any router table you purchase comes with at least a one-year warranty. If it doesn’t, you may end up losing out when something breaks.

Also, there are plenty of manufacturers that provide even greater assurances. A few of the products recommended in our guide also include lifetime warranties, but many of them are limited. Reading the fine print associated with your warranty is important. Make sure that most major components are covered!

Choose the Right Company

Last, it’s important to choose the right company. When you purchase a router table, you’re not just buying a piece of hardware; you’re also committing to work with a specific manufacturer. If something goes wrong with your router table, you need to be sure the company behind the router table will do the right thing. If you purchase a router table from a bad company, you’ll end up regretting your decision when you contact their customer care team.

Before you purchase a router table, due diligence is necessary. Head to Consumer Affairs or the Better Business Bureau and look up the manufacturer. These consumer watchdog groups allow previous customers to review companies they use. If past customers had bad experiences, there’s a high chance you will too!


Does Size Matter?

Yes. Depending on the demands of your project, you will typically need to consider the size. If you’re making grooves or other indentations on large pieces of wood, it’s important to have considerable table size. If you’re only using your table for smaller cutting and projects, you won’t have to worry about size as much.

Why Do Feather Boards Matter?

Yes. Feather boards are crucial since they ensure that your workspace is as safe as possible. The pressure they apply to the wood during cutting is essential in ensuring the project remains safe. Make sure your router table comes with feather boards.

Should I Buy a Workbench?

Many people use router tables as additions to existing workbenches, but this doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. You can also purchase a router table that uses a dedicated stand. Just make sure you use a router table with a solid base if you’re going to avoid using a workbench.

Do I Need a Router Table?

If you want to get the most out of your woodworking, it’s essential to purchase a router table. It will help you get the most out of your grooves and customizations. Don’t underestimate the power of a router table since it can bring your woodworking to the next level!

Wrapping it up

Choosing the right router table can help you drastically improve your woodworking skills. There are tons of credible options on the market; you just have to choose the one that is right for you.

Compare and contrast the router tables mentioned in this guide to find the router table that matches your needs.

Our best router table choice is the Bosch Benchtop Router Table. It is perfect for the experienced woodworker who is looking to make more precise cuts with a sturdier table with loads of features.

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  1. James Bixler says

    First off I would match the router with the job you have in mind! And size it from their! Many times I have the need for a big heavy duty job like putting a a half inch to and inch radius on the the edge of a table or work surface. For even bigger jobs I also have a shaper table to cut heavy cuts like cove molding and large parts. If you do a lot of wood working to to do in the shop. Like myself, to save time and set up I set the shaper for one task, then move on to the router table and Somtimes to a third machine to get all my parts milled. I find that what results is a kit for each sub assembly . For me it makes the process easier and keeping my mind focussed at the process at hand. The next step , much of the time is finishing which takes most of my time. Getting pieces milled and ready for assembly is easy. I just feel having a couple routers and shaper table just gets me through the project quicker. And spend more time on finishing which makes the project worth doing!

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