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Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw – Reviews & Guide 2024

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The brands and models in the portable table saw field are becoming less distinguishable.

This is because the major players have upgraded their offerings to satisfy both the professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists alike.

Despite the field of lookalikes, there are still clear winners that provide world-class power and cutting capability. These manufacturers listened to your feedback, and this new generation of portable jobsite table saws have taken power, functionality, and portability to the next level.

In this guide, we picked the top 9 table saws. Within this class, we’ve made distinctions for Best Pick, Best Value and Best Budget options. No matter your skill, needs or budget, we’ve found the saw that you’ll cherish for years.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
SawStrop JSS MCA
This is our top pick because it’s the only brand currently offering flesh sensing technology on a table saw. It’s expensive, but how can you put a value on your fingers? It’s also loaded with features.
Best Value
DeWalt DWE7491RS
This is the best value for the money as DeWalt is one of the most trusted names in industrial power tools. This model replaces the DW744XRS, adding a wider rip capacity, advanced safety features.
Best Budget
SKIL 3410-02
If you’re looking for an affordable, well-made option that’s ideal for both DIY beginners and skilled contractors, this model performs like it costs hundreds more. SKIL proves that you don’t always have to pay.

Best Portable Table Saw with Reviews 2024

Here's a list of the best portable table saws we found:

1. SawStop JSS-MCA Portable Jobsite Saw

  • One turn blade elevation eliminates monotonous cranking
  • Smooth T-Glide Fence with Ergolock
  • Crystal clear measurements
  • Onboard storage
  • Tool-free handling
  • Dado blade compatibility
  • Patented blade braking technology
  • Includes sturdy folding stand with wheels


Offers world-class safety and peace of mind Can swap out accessories without having to stop and grab a tool High-quality materials Minimal vibration, noise, and heat build-up No blade wobble Includes collapsible rolling stand Versatile enough for worksite construction or finer detail projects


Not number 1 for rip capacity At 1 year, the warranty is limited for the price of the saw No hard stop on the fine adjustment, so it can be thrown off easily Inferior miter gauge that lacks precision Heavier than other portable table saws


The SawStop JSS is THE gold standard in job site safety and performance. It performs like a saw in a whole different weight class, with the added advantage of being compact and portable.

It has a relatively large rip capacity at 25.5 inches on the right side, though there are other models that can extend longer. However, this is more than ample for most jobsite applications. It’s also one of the heavier jobsite saws on our list, weighing in at 108 pounds, but still boasts portability with its collapsible wheel stand.

What sets this model apart is the flesh sensing technology along with testing and bypass features to prevent false triggers. Despite the expense of replacing the brake and sometimes the blade in an activation, no one complains and SawStop is happy to assist with replacement parts when there’s a false alarm. Instead of losing a finger (or worse), the user will sustain a minor cut at most.

2. DeWalt DWE7491RS Portable Jobsite Table Saw

  • Rack and pinion telescoping rail system
  • 32 ½ rip capacity is one of the best in this class
  • Flip over ripping fence allows for more support and narrow rip cuts
  • Wheeled stand design
  • Onboard storage system
  • Telescoping fence rails
  • Rack and pinion fence system
  • Accepts a 13/16” dado and an 8” diameter blade


Massive rip capacity for a portable table saw Clear and easy to read controls Advanced safety features come standard Lightweight for easy transport Smooth and accurate adjustments Includes secure onboard storage Dado compatible Easy to set up and break down Smooth table surface


Dado plate must be purchased separately Miter gauge is not great No ½ degree markings on the bevel Lots of plastic Slightly heavy at 90 pounds


The DEWALT DWE7491RS is the Cadillac of jobsite table saws. At about half the price of the SawStop, it admittedly doesn’t have flesh-sensing technology, but it’s got so many upgrades that we put it as number 2 on our list and also deemed it as the best value saw of the year.

This saw has something for everyone. It’s ideal for owners of companies who need advanced safety features on job sites, and it’s perfect for anyone needing to upgrade to a bigger saw.

As a replacement to the DW744XRS, DeWalt added significant upgrades, including a wider rip capacity (32 ½ max rip), advanced safety features, and a roll-up capability that offers unprecedented portability.

The rack and pinion telescoping rail system allows for fast, smooth, and accurate adjustments that are a must for woodworkers at all levels. The patented material support system includes a flip over ripping fence that allows for narrow cuts as well as wider ripping capabilities.

3. SKIL 3410-02 Portable Table Saw

  • Includes heavy-duty steel folding stand with quick-mount
  • EZ View measurement system ensures accuracy
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • Onboard storage system
  • Lightweight design
  • 3.5-inch depth of cut
  • Includes functional miter gauge
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


Lightweight and portable Wider depth of cut Saw detaches if needed to put on another stand Table extends to accommodate larger pieces Can cut through 4x material in a single pass Tremendous value Compatible with a dado blade Usually arrives ready to use out of the box with minimal adjustments needed


No wheels on the stand Included blade doesn’t accommodate advanced applications No dust collection port Some components feel cheap No soft start system


Whether you’re looking for a starter saw or want more bang for your buck, the SKIL 3410-02 is ideal for almost everyone. The 15-amp 2HP motor cuts through almost anything. And, at 5,000 RPM with the ability to cut at a depth of 3.5 inches with a right-side rip capacity of 24 ½ inches, there’s not much this jobsite table saw can’t do.

At 67.5 pounds, it’s much lighter than the SawStop and DeWalt, so it’s a lot easier to transport. It still has a heavy duty stand, but it does lack wheels.

The EZ View Measurement System is where this saw really shines. It’s perfect for beginners who are still gaining confidence with the accuracy of their cuts, and it’s also helpful for seasoned professionals who want to line up their cuts quickly and with ease.

The cast iron aluminum table extends out for use on longer workpieces, making this one of the most flexible and versatile portable jobsite saws on the market today.

4. Bosch 4100-10 Portable Table Saw

  • Gravity-Rise wheeled table saw stand
  • Powerful 4.0 HP motor
  • 25” max rip capacity to the right
  • Soft motor startup with quick ramp up
  • SquareLock rip fence offers superior clamping and accuracy
  • Includes decent miter gauge
  • Heavy gauge steel construction


Powerful motor can handle almost anything Adjustable stand height Dado blade capability Portable and easy to transport Onboard storage Quiet motor


Slightly heavier than most at 92 pounds, but can be wheeled with the stand Small surface top Confusing ruler guides Rip fence is difficult to adjust Stand mechanism takes practice to get right


Bosch is a leader in performance no matter what they touch and the 4100-10 is no exception. This model is the cross between a serious woodworker’s dream and an easy-to-use tool for a beginner or casual hobbyist.

The powerful motor delivers professional-level rip capacity, yet it’s still lightweight and portable enough to travel or be stowed away when not in use. Rip through 4 ft. sheet goods with ease or do detailed finished work right on site. This saw has the power and versatility to handle it all, while still being lightweight and easy to transport.

Standard with this table saw is the Constant Response circuitry that maintains your speed under any load and also provides overload protection. If you lose power, you’ll also need to manually repower your saw, which is another helpful safety feature.

One of the standout features of this saw is the adjustable stand. You no longer have to settle for a one-size-fits-all height, so you’ll be able to use this model for hours without experiencing any discomfort, stooping or stretching.

5. Hitachi C10RJ Portable Jobsite Table Saw

  • Telescoping table extension
  • 35-inch rip capacity
  • Soft start system
  • Electric braking system
  • Miter gauge included
  • Rack and pinion fence adjustment
  • Oversized power switch with emergency shutoff
  • Adjustable standing leg to level out uneven surfaces
  • Well-designed and stable stand


Largest rip capacity in its class Versatile Strong motor Superior performance in RPM decreases and amp draw Advanced safety features Ergonomically designed Controls are accurate right out of the box Onboard storage Portability Easy to store


Miter gauge falls out of onboard storage Questionable fence quality on some units Blade speed does suffer on thicker cuts like mahogany


The Hitachi C10RJ boasts solid construction, power, and versatility. It’s built to last. With its signature green color and ability to take on anything, it’s no wonder its nickname is “The Hulk.”

It’s similar to the DeWalt DWE7499 and Bosch 4100-10 but has a lower price tag. If you look closely, it’ll be hard to notice a difference at all, other than the color. There are some slight hiccups in customer service and performance, which is why this saw didn’t earn a top 3 spot at the publication date.

One of the best features of this saw is the massive 35-inch rip capacity. If your primary need for a table saw is ripping lumber, this is likely your best bet. However, if you’re a professional woodworker that needs to do some more detailed cuts, we suggest choosing from among the top three brands on our list.

This is a great all-in-one tool that’s equally suited for big projects while still being affordable enough for DIYers. Plus, with Hitachi’s 2-year warranty, you have time to put it to the test.

6. DeWalt DW745 Compact Job-Site Table Saw

  • Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails
  • Easily viewable bright yellow tape with black writing
  • Forward facing hand crank is easy to get to
  • Performs accurate beveled cuts
  • Site Pro Modular Guarding System for tool-free adjustments
  • Tilt-up blade guards that lock in place during measuring


Smooth dual track fencing Intuitive measurements and controls Solid locking mechanism Strong metal roll cage base Lightweight Includes onboard storage system Simple set up


No dado capability Motor is loud Stand not included Hard to read miter gauge


This workhorse of a saw might not have the same flexibility as larger models, but if it’s portability, cost savings and compact power you’re after, then you’ve found your match.

Granted the DeWalt DW745 does have limitations in rip capacity, but if you’re doing quick or small cuts on site and need to go from one place to the next, you’re not going to find anything better at this price.

Plus, at just 45 pounds, this is one of the lightest weight and most portable saws around.

At first, we were put off by the lack of an included stand, but you’re probably better off coming up with another solution. At a height of just 33 inches for the total assembly, anyone who is an average height or taller is going to be bending awkwardly to get the job done.

Not having dado capability will likely be a big deal to some, but if it doesn’t matter to you, then you’ll have no regrets with this saw.

7. DeWalt DWE7480XA Portable Table Saw

  • Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails
  • Fence support eliminates rocking
  • Forward-facing hand crank for ergonomic and safe controls
  • 24-inch rip capacity
  • Tilt-up blade guards that lock in place during measuring
  • Metal roll cage base
  • Coated table for smooth cutting
  • Adjustable rear feet help level the saw on uneven work surfaces


Massive rip capacity for the size of the saw Stand included Sturdy metal base Easy to carry Includes onboard storage system Fast and intuitive setup Very lightweight Includes a 1-year free service contract in addition to the warranty


No dado capability Stand is shorter than average No extension for the outfeed Motor is loud Stability can be an issue for wide sheet cutting operations


Don’t let the word “portable” fool you because the DeWalt DWE7480XA packs a powerful punch. It’s got bigger than average rip capacity, a powerful motor, and it’s ideal for those with limited space or who are on the go.

The most significant shortcoming is that the arbor is too short to accommodate a dado stack, so if making those cuts are important to you, you may want to look elsewhere or considering getting those cuts using another method.

For this lower price, this saw packs a lot of value. Its portability is best in class for a job site table saw, making it a top pick for people who need to travel with their tools or have limited workshop space.

This saw is lightweight and one that you can keep with you for offsite projects while investing in something more stable for longer projects or an onsite workshop. The 1-year free service contract is a welcome feature. If something goes wrong with your equipment, then this protection offers peace of mind.

8. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

  • Brass geared worm drive
  • Dual field motor keeps everything cooler
  • 25” rip capacity
  • 3.5” depth of cut
  • Self-aligning fence
  • Includes safety accessories
  • 180-day Stay True Guarantee


Powerful motor More rip capacity and depth of cut than similar models Advanced safety features Onboard storage system Generous return and refund policy Durable metal cage Quiet motor


Stand not included Includes basic blade, not the Diablo, like the -22 model Rack and pinion fence system not available on this saw Lining up the riving knife can be challenging


Fondly called the “Worminator,” this machine will terminate any stack you throw at it. By harnessing the torque from SKIL’s worm drive circular saw, you get a powerful machine that’s about the size of a suitcase.

SKILSAW took that same gearing from its circular saw and put it upside down on the table saw, giving it more depth for cutting. Typical 10-inch blades are limited to 3.25 inches, and you get an extra quarter inch with this worm drive table saw.

You’ll notice similarities between this model and the Bosch GTS1031, mostly because Bosch owns SKILSAW. However, the SPT70WT comes equipped with more power as well as a slight increase in cutting and ripping capacity. The cutting speed and quality are about average, but given the saw’s compact size, it outperforms others that are in this division.

The 180-day Stay True Guarantee is one of our favorite features. By letting you try the saw risk-free for 6 months, you’ll have plenty of time to decide if it’s what you want, and if you don’t like, you get a full refund.

9. Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

  • 5,000 RPM blade speed
  • Easy clip frame insert
  • Dado compatible
  • Sliding fence system
  • Telescopic sliding mechanism
  • Steel construction
  • Square-lock rip fence
  • Carrying handles for transport


Powerful motor Loaded with safety accessories Secure onboard storage system that’s better than most Work surface can be extended Smooth sliding adjustments Lots of metal parts, but not overly heavy Compact and portable


Small rip capacity at just 18 inches on the right side No soft start No stand Stiff riving knife Difficult to read miter gauge Noisy


The Bosch GTS1031 combines portability and sheer cutting prowess. It’s not the lightest option, but it’s by far the toughest. You’ll tear through wet lumber all day long without bogging down or smoking the motor.

The Bosch name is synonymous with quality and advanced engineering, and this table saw is no exception. When compared side by side to the DeWalt DWE745 it gains a slight edge because of its dado capability.

It’s heavy duty, so you can toss it around without worrying about losing tools or doing damage. It’s great for a crew or someone who’s looking for a low maintenance option.

It’s not exactly lightweight, but it makes up for those few extra pounds with durability. Even a pro can’t help but admit how compatible this is for job site use. Keep in mind that this is designed to be a jobsite saw. It’s not exactly made for building intricate furnishings.

If you want something that feels high-quality, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail and the fact that Bosch minimized the plastic components to add metal without weighing down the unit.

Is it worth buying a more expensive table saw?

The short answer is, it depends. Specifically, you’ll want to evaluate what you plan on using it for, whether safety features are important to you, and if you need precision and accuracy. Of the models on our list, you can do quite well with a modestly priced option as long as it has a wide enough table surface and depth of cut to fit your materials.

The priciest pick on our list is the SawStop, and if you’ve had a finger scare or you’re worried about liability, spring for the SawStop with the more advanced safety features.

Buying Guide

While each table saw on our list is a fantastic choice, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best for your individual needs. As you browse our top picks, don’t forget that the saw you buy should fit your application.

Here’s a short list of things to evaluate before you buy:

Work Area: On average, a woodworker’s workspace is approximately 275 square feet, which is about the size of a garage stall. As you compare makes and models, consider how much space you have to work and find something that fits.

Portability: While some woodworkers loathe any plastic components, woodworkers who plan on transporting their tools often appreciate plastic for being lightweight. If you plan on remaining stationary, you might prefer metal, but if you’re on the go, consider how much weight you want to lug around.

Dado Capability: For some, not having dado capability is a deal breaker. Others could take it or leave it. Decide before you buy if dado compatibility is important to you.

Blade Size: Most table saws offer 10” blades now, and this is helpful if you want to switch them out between your table saw and your miter saw.

Rip Capacity: Are you ripping large sheets of plywood or an endless mound of 2x4s? As you look at each model, check out the rip capacity and table surface to make sure it’s wide enough.


What is the best type of table saw for a beginner?

Our recommendation for beginners is the SKIL 3410-02. It’s a budget-friendly price point, so it’s a great choice for people just starting as a hobbyist or contractor. Yet it’s still respectable and functional enough to last for years. When you become more advanced or decide to upgrade, you can always sell it and get a more expensive model.

How important is dado blade compatibility?

Not everyone needs a saw that accommodates a dado blade. If you plan on making dadoes or grooves in your wood, then a dado blade can help you accomplish the task. However, if you’re straight ripping, then a dado set isn’t necessary. There are also other ways to create dado cuts, including using a spacer or router bits.

Do I need a table saw stand?

No, as long as you have a stable work surface, you can mount your saw on it. Another requirement is that your work surface has an 11-inch square opening underneath to allow sawdust to escape and land on the floor. Without this, the sawdust can accumulate, risking damage to the motor and potentially a fire.


There’s a wide range of prices in the portable table saw category, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to well over $1,000. In general, you get a what you pay for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a more expensive saw is better for your needs or that a cheaper saw is bad quality.

In this class, the motors and materials tend to be similar, and the extra costs come from additional safety features, fine-tuned and smooth controls, tabletop surfaces, dado blade compatibility, rip capacity, and accuracy. If you’re a beginner or casual hobbyist, you’re probably not going to need a top of the line offering, and you can most likely get by with a “budget” or “value” option.

As you shop around, keep this guide handy and review the feature list as well as the pros and cons to determine which model ticks every box on your list.

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