Essential List of Tools Needed for Roofing [2023 Update]

As with any manual labor project, owning the correct tools before you start will make the process a whole lot quicker and easier by avoiding issues arising due to missing an essential tool.

Whether you are a professional roofer or thinking about giving it a go for yourself, having the correct tools for roofing is no different. The following list compiles the most important tools when it comes to roof installation and repair, let’s begin!

1. Roofing Nail Gun

The nail gun is a roofer’s bread and butter. You will be hard pressed to find any serious roofer who doesn’t own one. A good nail gun will speed up any roofing project by installing shingles with ease. Pneumatic nailers are available, however, you will need an air compressor and hose to power it. An easier option is to purchase a cordless nail gun that runs on the in house batteries. They can also be used one-handed, leaving you with one hand free which is important to stabilize yourself, especially when working many meters about the ground!

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2. Roofing Hammer

Although a nail gain will and should do most of the work there will always be a situation or two when using a hammer is inevitable. Maybe it is to remove a wonky nail or maybe you need to finish hammering one in that the nail gun didn’t fully drive. If you take pride in your work and don’t want to leave any loose ends, a good quality roofing hammer is a must!

3. Cordless Drill

When you need to drill nail holes into though material such as into metal, concrete and wood a quality cordless drill will be invaluable. These time-saving tools are also very useful to have around the house for general DIY work that may crop up every now and then! Remember to make sure you have a variety of drill bits for your drill along with back up battery packs so you aren’t cut short in the middle of a job.

4. Chalk Line Kit

Creating vertical and horizontal chalk lines on the roof deck is quick and easy to do with a chalk line kit and will make certain you lay down your shingles symmetrically.

5. Roofing Knife

A good roofing knife in a robust holster can prove vital during a roofing job. Primarily used to cut and trim material to size, they can also come in handy for various other tasks, some expected, others not so much!

6. Caulking Gun

A caulking gun will come into play when you come across a repair job that requires roofing sealant or cement. The gun allows complete control over the application and delivers the sealant to your desired location evenly, making for a more accurate and less messy end product.

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7. Ladder

To work on a roof you need to be able to make it up there in the first place. Of course, a ladder is the obvious option, however, it is easy to overlook the importance of this vital piece of kit and go with any old option. For your own safety, you need to invest in a brand ladder at the first sign of wear and tear on your current ladder. When it comes to safety, money should be no compromise. Potential options include two and three fold ladders along with extension ladders.

8. Roof Ladder Hooks

A sturdy ladder is all well and good, but if it isn’t secured into place with the roof the risk of an accident is always more likely. Investing in a reliable pair of ladder hooks will make sure the ladder isn’t going anywhere!

9. Non-Slip Shoes

No one wants to slip while working on a roof, which is why a strong pair of non-slip shoes are crucial. Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs there is, with a large number of fatal accidents occurring every year due to the dangerous and unpredictable working conditions. Also, consider steel toe capped boots with a non-slip sole for maximum safety. They will, however, be heavier on foot and less flexible to work in, but is a tradeoff that could save you from a serious accident!

10. Tool Belt

Essential when you need both hands to climb and maneuver on a roof. A tool belt allows you to store small tools and materials as well as hanging larger tools off the belt. Very convenient allowing you to carry more safely.

11. Shingle Shovel

A roofing shovel is designed to help remove composition roof shingles and is essential in helping you take on the toughest roofing jobs with ease.

12. Cleanup Tools

If you take pride in your work and want to deliver it to the highest level, you should be the owner of a few cleanup tools such as a good quality broom to clean up the roofing on completion. You should also seriously consider a magnetic sweeper. They are used to clean up the job site by picking up loose nails, metal shavings and various other metal objects that can be left behind.

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