Must Have Tools For Homeowners – The Essential List [2023 Update]

Many of us like to think of ourselves as competent home DIYers. Whether this is true or not is up for debate but it certainly can’t hurt to have the correct tools for the job!

The following list compiles tools a homeowner is likely to need for DIY around the house. Every tool you see below can be used no matter your level of DIY experience so there is no excuse not to purchase one and give it a go for yourself!

Remember, you could be saving a lot of money while learning a new skill in the process.

Basic Tools


Every household can benefit from a trusty hammer. Whether you need to tap in a few nails to hang up a new picture or remove nails to take apart an old piece of furniture, a hammer is the best and most user-friendly option.

You can take a look at all the different types here.

Screwdriver Set

Perhaps the most used tools by homeowners due to the number of objects around your house that are put together with screws. How many times have you found yourself looking for a screwdriver you swear was in that draw? It seems like we can never find one when we need it the most, which is why investing in a set of screwdrivers should be one of the first items on your DIY tool list.

Make sure you have a selection of different sizes of both flat and cross head screwdrivers to handle both variations of screw heads.

Spirit Level

A large number of home DIY projects will require you to check both horizontal and vertical lines. Simply checking by eye is not worth it when you can pick up a spirit level for cheap. If you value the quality of your work, don’t hesitate to pick one up!

Spirit levels can come in many different sizes, however, a smaller torpedo level is usually sufficient for small jobs around the home.


Pliers are a nifty tool that is ideal for grabbing onto objects in hard to reach areas. They can also be used to bend and ply a number of materials.

Super easy to use and cheap to pick up. A pair of pliers need to be a staple in any home DIYers toolbox!

Tape Measure

tape measureRemember the old saying? Measure twice, cut once. You’ll always need to measure at some point.

Great for sizing up an area or materials before starting a project, or making quick measurements on the fly during a project. A good quality tape measure will ensure a job goes forward exactly how you intend.


handsawHandsaws are versatile when it comes to making quick cuts.

If you find yourself needing to cut some wood to length or plastic tubing, a handsaw is much simpler to use than a power tool while creating less noise which I am sure your neighbors will appreciate!

Adjustable Wrench

When something hasn’t been or doesn’t need to be put together with screws, it usually involves the loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts.

An adjustable wrench is an ideal tool to tackle these situations, as they can get to grip with small to large nuts and bolts.

Utility Knife

utility knifeSmall, lightweight and versatile.

A utility knife is useful for a variety of cuts from piecing up old carpet, cutting floor vinyl or opening a parcel.

The knives are razor sharp for making intricate cuts and easily replaceable when they go blunt. You’ll always find a need for a utility knife.

Carpenters Square

carpenters squareSimple yet effective, a carpenter square allows you to mark a quick straight line on your work material. A must have when you need to make 90 degree cuts!


ladderA ladder will come in handy more often than you might think, from painting jobs to hanging up Christmas decorations. It is also a much safer option than using an old chair to reach high up and will stop you from needing to asking your neighbor to borrow theirs!

Staple Gun

staple gunUsed to fasten one material to another they can prove very helpful for home DIYers. Furniture upholstery and insulation jobs are made a breeze with a staple gun.

Go with a manual or electric staple gun for home use.

Paint Brush & Roller

Arguably the most common DIY project we take on in our homes. Anyone can paint, but for the best outcome, you must have the right tools. Finding a good quality roller and brush set will make the end project look a whole lot better!

Remember to take care of your brushes and roller for longevity sake as they can quickly degrade without the appropriate care.

Wire Stripper

A simple yet effective tool.

Wire strippers are a small, handheld tool used to efficiently strip the insulation from electrical wires. There is no other way to perform this job other than using a pair of wire strippers. Don’t risk your safety and buy a pair!

Caulking Gun

caulking gunA caulking gun is the best method of delivering sealant or adhesive evenly and under control when sealing cracks and gaps around your home. As there is a range of different sealants for different purposes, a caulking gun will most certainly come in handy at some point.

We reviewed some of the more advanced electric cordless models here.

Power Tools

Cordless Power Drill

A good cordless power drill will be the backbone to all your DIY needs. Even if you find yourself avoiding the need for one, maybe by borrowing from a friend, a time will come when you just can’t be without one. Cordless drills are super convenient and will save you a whole load of time and you don’t even need to spend a fortune. Check these budget-friendly drills.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

Oscillating multi-tools get their name from the vast amount of jobs they are capable of performing. Known for their versatility, an oscillating tool can be used for a range of jobs from undercutting door jambs to removing tile grout. This versatility is made possible due to the large number of easily interchangeable accessories on offer. Take a look at some of the best picks here.

Random Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are a great all-rounder sanding tool. Depending on the sandpaper used, it can be used abrasively like removing paint from wood or it can be used for fine finishing to give the smoothest surface. View some of the top-rated random orbital sanders here.

Additional Extras


For those situations where work conditions are poorly lit or the power is down and you need to make a quick fix. It can be worth having a couple around the house for emergency situations. Also, consider a headtorch for those jobs where you need both hands free.

Duct Tape

The usefulness of duct tape cannot be overstated, with new uses being found for it every day. Having a roll or two laying around the house can get you out of some sticky situations!

Portable Workbench

A portable workbench can be moved around your house to wherever you are working. It will allow you to place all your tools and materials on it and give you a base to work from, saving you time walking back and forth between locations. When not in use, these benches can be folded up and stored away and out of sight. We reviewed some of the top models here.

Tool Bag / Box

When you have acquired a number of tools you will need somewhere to store them. Putting screwdrivers in random draws around the house is how they go missing! Invest in a nice tool bag or box to store and protect your tools when you aren’t using them and to make sure you know where they are at all times. Find some of the top tool bags here.

Protective Gear

Although not a tool as such, protective gear is very important when working with them! No matter what new and innovative safety features a tool has, there will always be a need for protective gear. A solid pair of goggles, gloves, shoes and a mask should cover you for pretty much any potential DIY job you find around the house.

Drill Bits

What good is owning a power drill if you don’t have the appropriate drill bits to go with it? You don’t need anything fancy, just a standard drill bit set will cover the majority of jobs you will find yourself needing to do around the house!

Extension Cord

For those times where the power outlet is just out of reach, an extension cord can prove vital. Owning an extension cord will allow you to perform jobs from anywhere inside and outside your house giving you no limits as to where you can work.

Work Radio

Some projects can be long and monotonous. Having your favorite tunes playing in the background is a great way to spice things up and past the time a bit quicker. Expect it to get very dirty so don’t splash out too much! View some of the top worksite radios here.

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