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Best Table Saw Fences – Buying Guide & Reviews 2024

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Aftermarket table saw fences are a great way to add a whole new layer of functionality to your table saw. Assisting in making pinpoint accurate and straight cuts, they are a must have for anyone who takes their work seriously. However, to be worth the investment they must meet a few key requirements.

With the vast range of options out there it can be tricky to know which fence suits your needs. In an attempt to help out potential buyers, we have put together this guide which includes a quick run-down of the 6 best table saw fences on the market as well as a comprehensive buyers guide and FAQs section. Take a look!

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
Vega U50 Fence System
The Vega U50 is, hands down, the best choice when it comes to table saw fences. This model offers unrelenting build quality coupled with top end user features. You won’t find a better experience.
Best Value
Shop Fox W1410 Fence
Providing unbeatable value for money, the Shop Fox W1410 is backed by a number of brilliant reviews and packed full of all the must have features any user could need and want.
Best Budget
Delta Fence System
If money is the determining factor for you when buying a fence, look no further than the Delta fence system. Low on price yet still feature rich, you will not be disappointed.

The Best Table Saw Fence with Reviews 2024

Here's our list of table saw fences found:

1. Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System

  • Micro adjustment and auxiliary table support
  • 36’’ fence bar (50’’ to the right and 8’’ to the left of the blade)
  • Fence height of 2 ½‘’
  • Fits table tops of 27’’
  • Steel construction
  • Weighs 38.4lbs


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits a variety of table saws
  • Fence glides on the rails really well


  • More expensive than other options
  • The user manual gives poor instructions and illustrations


The Vega U50 table saw fence system takes our pick for the best table saw fence due to its ability to produce accurate rip cuts on a consistent basis. After the quick and easy installation process has been completed, the Vega U50 fence will align perfectly parallel to your saw blade, allowing you to perform arrow straight cuts.

It comes with slotted front brackets that allow for full micro adjustments, both horizontally and vertically, along with auxiliary table support. The fence is constructed of steel and aircraft quality aluminum alloy making it lightweight yet rigid. It also features a black anodized finish to minimize friction.

The rip capacity is 50’’ to the right of the blade and 8’’ to the left. The height of this fence is 2 ½‘’. This fence is slightly more expensive than other models. The user manual isn’t the best, however, there are videos online to help you through the installation process if you’re having trouble.

Known for their micro adjustment capabilities and attention to design, the Vega U50 is a fence for serious woodworkers looking for a dependable and accurate table saw fence.

2. Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

  • Moves on ball bearing guides
  • Micro positioning knobs on both sides
  • Fits with 27’’ table tops
  • Easy installation with locking mechanisms on both ends
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 34 x 10 x 10 inches


  • Fits all major branded table saws
  • Usable for both right and left handed users
  • Amazing value for money


  • Handle sticks out slightly
  • Rubber protectors on the rails can come loose


In our opinion, the best value table saw fence is the Shop Fox W1410. This product offers a number of must have features without the high end price.

It offers easy installation with locking mechanisms on both ends that secure the fence. Ball bearing guides for a smooth glide and solid aluminum design for added durability. There are micro positioning knobs on both sides for left and right handed users, so if you’re left handed, this is the fence for you! Also comes with a measuring tape.

The handle doesn’t fully lock down meaning it sticks out slightly and the rubber protectors on the rail can come loose leaving a sharp edge.

Suitable for all major brands of table saws, the Shop Fox W1410 is one of the strongest and most precise fences on the market. If value for money is your foremost concern, this fence is the one to go for!

3. Delta 36-T30 T3 Fence System

  • Three point locking system
  • Quick removal fence
  • One piece square tubular rail
  • Easy gliding, steel tube fence body
  • Dimensions: 37 x 6 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs 38lbs


  • Very well made
  • Easy to mount to the rails
  • Excellent price point


  • Not intended for a variety of table saw models*
  • Some modifications during installation may be required


The best budget table saw fence on the market, the Delta 847962005250 fence system is a versatile fence that can fit most table saws with some adjustments.

The three point locking system with twin hairline pointers make sure the fence is parallel to the blade and accurate to 0.4mm of an inch. Quick removal fence which allows it to be located on either side of the blade and a steel fence design for easy gliding and precision ripping, also making it ideal for left and right tilt saws. Comes with a one piece square tubular rail system.

*Although aimed at delta table saws, many users make modifications to fit the rails onto a variety of other table saws. There are guides that can help you online. Once installed this is a excellent fence!

Don’t let the modifications put you off from giving this fence as chance. For a low price, you are getting a high quality fence and rail system that is guaranteed to take your table saw cutting quality to the next level.

4. DELTA 36-T30 T2 Fence and Rail System

  • Front and rear clamps
  • Rear hold down support for feather boards and jigs
  • 3 point T square locking system
  • Easy gliding steel tube fence body
  • Dimensions: 60 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weighs 30lbs


  • Fits a variety of standard 27’’ table tops
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate


  • The user manual is poor
  • Installing may be an issue on older saw models
  • Plastic handle


The DELTA 36-T30 T2 table saw fence is a well-rounded model that is lightweight, accurate and able to fit a variety of table saws. The fence clamps to the rear rail and front tube with the use of its clamping system. It also features an added rear hold down support when using feather boards and jigs.

The 3 point T square locking system is accurate to within 1/64th (0.4mm) of an inch and ensures the fence is securely locked for accurate cutting. A lightweight steel tube fence body design allows for easy gliding during to handle repetitive work along with precision ripping. 30’’ rip capacity.

This model will be tricky to install on older table models; however, modifications can be made. It features a plastic handle that some users may not enjoy and the user manual could be improved.

5. Shop Fox W1716 Fence with Standard Rails

  • Easy single locking cam action lever
  • Wide right angle design
  • Heavy duty locking lever
  • Steel & aluminum fence body
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 61 x 7 inches


  • Fits a variety of table saws
  • Comes with long rails
  • Includes a magnifying lens


  • Tricky installation due to poor instructions
  • Some drilling may be required due to misaligned holes


The shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic is ideal for users looking for a durable fence that will fit right into their home workshop. The aluminum design means this fence will not rust, therefore keeping its shape and looking brand new for years to come.

A cam-lever front locking mechanism and torsion box design allow this fence to fit a variety of table saws without the need for a rear locking mechanism. The wide right angle design allows for maximum support and accuracy. 30’’ rip capacity.

Some may find the installation difficult due to the lackluster instructions and some drilling may be required to install the rail system to your table saw.

The design consists of steel and aluminum which adds strength and durability while keeping the fence lightweight. Includes standard rails (57’’), adjustable magnified cursor and a self-adhesive measuring tape for accurate measuring and quick positioning.

6. Delta BC30T2 Table Saw Fence and Rail System

  • Release position for easy positioning
  • Fence body constructed of 14 gauge welded steel
  • One piece 2 by 3’’ rectangular steel guide tube
  • Easy glide nylon pads
  • Secure front fence clamp


  • Suitable for a variety of table saws
  • Well-known brand name
  • Good point etc


  • Plywood used in some of the construction of the side rails
  • May be shipped in more than one box and arrive separately
  • Poor instruction guide


The Delta BC30T2 30-Inch T square fence is sure to give you precise cuts every time with its locking system with hairline pointers to ensure it is lined parallel to the saw blade. It also features a secure front clamping system, nylon pads for easy gliding and release position for easy positioning.

This is a versatile fence that can be used with any Delta saw, as well as a variety of other saws with cast iron tables and mounting holes. The fence body itself is a 2 by 3’’ rectangular tube constructed of 14 gauge welded steel. Rip capacity is 30’’ to the right and 12’’ to the left.

Upon purchasing this product, it may arrive in separate boxes at different times. Plywood used in the construction which could potentially reduce the lifespan of the product, however, it is still very durable. The user instruction guide isn’t the best.

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Buying Guide

Now you have a good overview of the best table saw fences available, let us delve deeper into the key factors you must consider when buying one.

Rip Capacity: The benefit of choosing an aftermarket fence is that you can determine your own rip capacity. Consider the types of projects you tend to work on and pick a fence that best suits these needs. Also, consider potential future projects that may arise which require larger rip capacities. Buying the fence with the largest rip capacity for your budget is recommended.

Weight: A fence that is too heavy may not slide well and could put undue stress on your table. Alternatively, a fence that is too light is a sign of poor build quality and has an increased chance of breaking during use. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a fence in the 30 to 50lb range.

Build Material: Go with a fence built from steel and aluminum. These materials are ideal for a sturdy yet lightweight design. Some materials such as plastic and wood are more susceptible to breakage.

Modification: In the event you decide to buy a fence not specifically intended for your model of table saw and, you can perform a modification that will allow it to fit. This involves drilling a few holes into the rail system. Although not ideal, it isn’t that hard and is a commonly used method. Keep in mind, however, that this will void your warranty.


What is a Table Saw Fence?

A table fence is a metal bar that is fixed on a rail system that attaches to your table saw. It runs parallel to the saw blade and is used to guide the workpiece during use.

Why Should You Invest in a Table Saw Fence?

Could you get away without using a fence on your table saw? Yes, but you would essentially be winging it and relying completely on the steadiness of your hand to produce the intended cut.

This will ultimately lead to wasted material and higher costs. It really is not worth the risk. A fence will quickly pay for itself and allow you to work much more quickly and efficiently without the worry of making a mistake by acting as a guide to help cut precise and accurate workpieces

Wrapping it up

After many hours of meticulous research, these are our top 6 table saw fence picks. A good fence should be easy to install, made from durable materials and provides a satisfactory rip capacity for the user to work with.

In our opinion, the Vega U50 table saw fence system is, without doubt the best fence on the market. It offers a comprehensive user experience that will leave you wondering why you didn’t upgrade sooner. The best upgrade you can make to your table saw is the addition of the Vega U50 fence system!

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