Best HEPA Shop Vacs – Reviews & Top Picks [2024]

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A HEPA shop vac will trap and lock more dust and allergens around your workshop or job site without clogging to improve your overall air quality.

But with dozens of options available from great brands, how do you know which one to pick?

Buying the wrong one won’t clean as effectively, and it can leave you out a decent amount of money if you have to buy a new one.

Our guide outlines several suggestions on the best HEPA shop vacs available on today’s market for a broad range of budgets.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
If you have a professional shop, invest in this HEPA shop vac. It's powerful enough to clean up a variety of materials, and the auto-start feature will switch it on automatically. From a professional-grade brand.
Best Value
Vacmaster VK811PH
Better value for the price. If you need a shop vac that is HEPA-certified to trap 99.97% of particles down to three microns, this is the best choice. It comes loaded with great features in a lightweight design.
Best Budget
Vacmaster VF408
The Vacmaster VF408 is a solid choice if you want an inexpensive, simple, HEPA-rated shop vac that is great for use around the house. If fits into any budget, is compact, and comes packed with useful features.

Best HEPA Shop Vacs with Reviews [2024]

Here's a list of the best HEPA shop vacs we found on the market:

1. FEIN Turbo II HEPA Shop Vac

  • Vacuum will start automatically when you need it.
  • Offers 98.4" of static water lift for wet mess cleanup.
  • Has an 18 foot power cord for maximum reach.
  • Bypass cooling system extends the vacuum’s life.
  • Help filter is good down to one micron.


  • 8.4 gallon capacity
  • On-board storage for accessories
  • HEPA filter rated down to one micron


  • Hose is very stiff
  • Tool trigger is finicky
  • Canister locks are loose


The FEIN Turbo II is an automatic start vacuum with an 8.4 gallon capacity that is capable of picking up and trapping dust down to one micron. The powerful suction capabilities gives 98.4″ of static water lift, and it has several other great features that make up for the higher price point.

There’s a long 13 foot hose with an 18 foot power cord that gives you maximum reach into all of the nooks and crannies around your shop. The dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and two metal extension tubes help funnel dust through the HEPA filter and clear it out of the air.

Anyone with a professional-grade shop or cleaning business should consider buying the FEIN Turbo II. It comes from a high-quality brand, and it gives an aggressive clean in small and large spaces. If you routinely stir up a lot of dust around your shop or job sites, 151 CFM will get rid of the dust and push clean air back out quickly and efficiently.

2. Vacmaster VK811PH HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Has an eight gallon polypropylene tank with a crush-proof rating.
  • Certified HEPA filtration system is 99.97% efficient with particles down to .3 microns.
  • Uses a two-stage industrial motor for excellent suction power.
  • Equipped with a 30-foot power cord for an extended reach.
  • The rear storage caddy keeps all of your accessories organized and neat.


  • 10-foot crush-proof hose
  • Four filtration stages
  • Exceeds HEPA filtration requirements


  • Exhaust filter is smaller
  • Vacuum bags are expensive
  • Wheels can come loose


The Vacmaster VK811PH is a nice HEPA shop vac if you’re after a powerful shop vac that is on the slightly more affordable side. It has several great features and a large crush-proof tank and hose that make it a good buy. The two-stage industrial motor provides consistent power and more precise control.

The CFM rating is 125, and there is a 30-foot power cord that extends your reach all around the shop or job site. The certified HEPA system is 99.97% effective at removing dust and other particles out of your air down to .3 microns. This rating exceeds any set standards by the EVA.

If you’re a part-time contractor or a serious DIYer on a budget, you’ll want to consider adding the Vacmaster VK811PH. Not only does it come from a reputable and responsive brand, but it gives you a great value for the price. If you plan to remodel parts of your home or have a few projects lined up, four filtration stages and the host of accessories will really help your cleanup process go smoothly.

3. Vacmaster VF408 HEPA Shop Vacuum

  • Uses a powerful 5 HP motor to give consistent suction.
  • The 15-foot power cord has an automatic rewind feature.
  • The large on/off switch has a dust sealant barrier.
  • Hose has a secure fit to reduce dust escaping.
  • Five-gallon capacity is large enough for bigger projects.


  • Top carrying handle
  • Wet and dry pickup
  • Quiet operation


  • Hose is slightly more flimsy
  • Has less power
  • Replacement filters can be expensive


The Vacmaster VF408 is a powerful little HEPA shop vac that’s an excellent price for any budget. It has several nice accessories and a good amount of power that make it a solid buy. The wet and dry suction allows for cleanup of a variety of messes, and the host screws on to lock dust in.

The on/off switch has a dust sealant on it to keep it in top operation capabilities, and it has a 15-foot power cord with an automatic rewind feature that makes storing the shop vac quick and easy. The HEPA filter is easy to clean and switch out.

If you’re someone who likes to take on projects around your home, the Vacmaster VF408 is one tool you don’t want to miss out on. It comes backed by a reputable brand and happy reviewers, and it has a lot of storage space to keep all of your accessories together between uses. The lightweight design also reduces operator fatigue for extended cleaning sessions.

4. Makita XCV11T HEPA Vacuum

  • Comes with a complete kit featuring batteries, the vacuum, and a charger.
  • Has a filter cleaning system built into the design for maximum suction.
  • Features and very portable and compact design at just over 10 pounds.
  • Gives up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning time on a single charge.
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.


  • Carrying top handle
  • 3x faster charging
  • Brushless motor


  • Shorter hose
  • Have to carry it everywhere
  • Accessories can be expensive


The Makita XCV11T is a portable and lightweight HEPA shop vac that’s a good choice if you want to clean up around your home or in a smaller shop. It has a brushless motor that delivers 57 CFM with water suction. The cordless design makes this shop vac very versatile.

There’s a filter cleaning system to help maintain optimal suction power, and the shop vac gives you up to a full hour of run time on a single charge. It comes with two Lithium-Ion batteries and a charger that will charge up to three times faster than other choices.

Any contractor who specializes in small projects or has a smaller workshop can benefit from adding the Makita XCV11T to their tool lineup. It has a well-known brand backing it, and the lightweight design makes it extremely portable. The battery indicator lets you know exactly how much charge is left, and you can convert it from a vacuum to a blower for larger projects.


  • Can run this shop vac as a corded or cordless machine.
  • HEPA filtration system traps up to 99.97% of dust and debris at one micron.
  • The filter system is washable to save you on replacement expenses.
  • On-board storage makes transporting the shop vac easy.
  • Five foot hose has a crush-resistant design for added durability.


  • 2 gallon capacity
  • Wet/dry filter traps dust
  • Accessories included


  • Batteries don’t last long
  • Not strong enough for tough jobs
  • Runs louder than other shop vacs


The DEWALT DCV581H is a good choice if you’re looking for a flexible and versatile shop vac that runs on both batteries and an A/C plugin. It comes packed with several excellent features to justify the price. The washable and reusable HEPA filter will save you a decent amount of money over the shop vac’s life.

There’s a five foot crush-resistant hose to expand your reach, and the two-gallon tank capacity is more than big enough to take on smaller projects without filling up. There is a sturdy latch to keep the tank together when you carry or use the vacuum.

If you’re someone who likes to do projects around the house or if you’re a contractor, the DEWALT DCV581H is one you want to take a look at. You get a great amount of power packed into a compact and lightweight machine. The  99.97% efficiency rating will help clean your air each time you use it, and the small design will help cleanup go quicker without fatiguing you.

Wrapping it up

Choosing the correct HEPA shop vac will have a big impact on your air quality, and this is why you want to compare various options before making your final choice. The FEIN Turbo II is our pick for the best HEPA shop vac due to the versatility and power it brings to the table.

Not only do you get a long hose, highly-rated filter system, automatic start, the ability to clean up wet and dry messes, and a larger capacity, the bypass cooling system extends the vacuum’s life. Any professional or contractor would benefit from adding the FEIN Turbo II to their tools to make cleanup quick and efficient.

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