Best Green Laser Levels – Reviews & Top Picks [2024]

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Making sure something is level is one of the most important parts of any project you take on or construction project. 

To make sure you have a straight line, you’ll need a green laser level.

But how do you choose the best green laser level on the market without breaking your bank or trying multiple ones?

We want you to buy the correct one, and our guide gives you suggestions on the best green laser levels on the market today for every budget.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
If you're in the construction industry or a professional tradesman, invest in this green laser. The built-in magnet holds the laser flush to the wall for accurate measurements. Backed by many happy reviewers.
Best Value
Huepar 621CG
A better pick for the value. Anyone who needs an all-in-one laser with multifunctional capabilities at a more affordable price should invest in this. It's packed with great features and a durable design.
Best Budget
SKIL LL932401
The SKIL LL932401 is a great green laser for those DIYers looking for an inexpensive option to help with projects around the house. It's easy to use, durable, and it comes from a well-known brand.

Best Green Laser Levels with Reviews 2024

Here's a list of the best Green Laser Levels we found on the market:

1. DEWALT DW088LG 12V MAX Green Cross Line Laser

  • Has self-leveling cross lines that project both vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Green laser is four times brighter than the traditional red.
  • Integrated magnetic bracket allows you to mount the laser to metal.
  • Uses a rechargeable battery with a quick charge.
  • Blow molded case is very durable and resistant to wear and tear.


  • Comes with a battery charger
  • Locking pendulum prevents internal component damage
  • 100 foot visibility range


  • Not bright enough in direct light
  • Manual is vague
  • Battery can drain quickly


The DEWALT DW088LG is a hardy battery powered green laser that comes packed with features to help justify the higher price point. It projects self leveling horizontal and vertical cross lines when you switch it on to ensure everything is completely level. The compact design makes it easy to carry as well.

There’s an integrated magnetic bracket that lets you attach the laser flush to a metal bracket or steel rack. The green laser is up to four times more powerful than red lasers, and the battery is rechargeable. It charges fast to allow you to get back to your project.

If you’re a construction worker or tradesman, you should invest in the DEWALT DW088LG. Not only does it come backed by a reputable brand, but it has many happy users who testify to the laser’s durability and power. If you have several large jobs lined up or you do a lot of leveling in your work, the locking pendulum will protect the laser’s internal components to keep it in great working order.

2. Huepar 621CG Self-Leveling 360 Cross Line Green Laser Level

  • Has a 360-degree horizontal line with two plump dots.
  • Uses five different modes to let you square, level, and plumb.
  • Outdoor pulse mode makes the laser glow brighter outside for high visibility.
  • Can use a self-leveling or manual mode with the touch of a button.
  • The over molded metal top adds durability to this laser.


  • Water and dust proof
  • Operates four hours with continuous use
  • Multiple line switching functions


  • Magnetic bracket is weak
  • Vertical line visibility drops after months of use
  • Burns through batteries quickly


The Huepar 621CG is a great choice if you need a battery powered green laser that’s a better value for your money. It has a lot of unique features that make it excellent value for your money. The 360-degree laser line, coupled with the 140-degree vertical beams give you precision accuracy.

There are five modes you can cycle through using this laser to perform a variety of tasks like plumbing, leveling, and squaring. The pulse mode for the outdoors makes the laser more visible in bright sunlight, and it allows you to see up to 180 feet in the sun.

If you’re a new contractor, you want to consider making the Huepar 621CG part of your everyday tools. It offers a host of unique features for the price, and it comes from a well-known brand. If you do a lot of leveling around the house or you picked up a bunch of projects, self-leveling and manual mode option makes sure you get razor-sharp straight edges while saving you time.

3. SKIL LL932401 Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser

  • Projects bright green horizontal and vertical lines up to 65 feet.
  • Has a self-leveling feature to ensure a high accuracy level.
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery ensures it's always ready to go.
  • Comes with an easy setup process and a friendly user-interface.
  • Included clamp makes it easy to set the laser up.


  • Charges via a micro USB port
  • Locking mode allows for a variety of projection angles
  • 65 feet of visibility


  • Self-level is only accurate to four degrees
  • Only runs for a few hours between charges
  • Clamp isn't durable


The SKIL LL932401 is a good green laser level for those on a budget. It has a compact and lightweight design with several great features without breaking the bank. The clamp adds versatility to this laser level that allows you to set it up on a variety of surfaces quickly and easily.

It projects measuring marks up to 65 feet with vertical and horizontal lines with even intervals to make it easy to get the correct measurements. You can move the spacing as needed, and the laser will automatically level to remove any guesswork.

Any DIYer who does projects around the house can benefit from having the SKIL LL932401 on-hand. The manufacturer is very well-known, and it has nice features for the lower price. If you have projects lined up this weekend or something you’ve been meaning to take on, the rechargeable battery will ensure the SKIL LL932401 is ready to go whenever you are to save you time and frustration while keeping your project moving smoothly.

4. TANOX TX-93GR Laser Level

  • Comes with a pair of light-enhancing glasses for excellent visibility.
  • Angle-setting tripod makes it quick and easy to set it up.
  • Self-leveling mode lets you work in straight or angled spaces.
  • Smart pendulum system gives you a high degree of accuracy.
  • Rubber over coating provides durable layer for the more delicate inner workings.


  • User-friendly keypad
  • Dust and splash protection
  • Can power three ways


  • Tripod is flimsy
  • User concerns over the manual's clarity
  • Glasses may not work well


The TANOX TX-93GR is a high-quality green laser level that offers a full set of equipment all in one purchase. You get a tripod, laser level, laser enhancing glasses, and a storage case that is an excellent value for your money. The self-leveling option lets you get straight coordinates in corners or straight wall sections.

The keypad displays the battery status to let you know exactly how much time you have left. You can power it via rechargeable batteries, AA batteries, or plug it directly into the wall. The power and lock button are conveniently located on the back of the level.

If you’re a tradesman or professional construction worker, it’s a good idea to consider adding the TANOX TX-93GR to your toolkit. The happy reviews and the host of intuitive features make this a solid buy. The 360-degree laser is much more visible than the traditional red laser, and the tripod can help you get accurate measurements while on the job site. This laser level will help your job go smoothly from start to finish.

5. Huepar 9211G Green Laser Level

  • Combines up and plumb points with cross lines.
  • Smart pendulum system allows the laser to self-level.
  • TPR soft rubber casing makes the laser resistant to shocks.
  • Laser will show up to 197 feet from where you set it up.
  • Batteries can last up to six hours on a single charge.


  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • Will work in temperatures ranging from 50 degrees F to 120 degrees F
  • Manual and self-leveling mode


  • Line sharpness degrades after 50 feet
  • Doesn't work well outside in daylight
  • Drains the batteries quickly


The Huepar 9211G is a multi-use green level laser that has many features while being a more affordable option. It uses a laser line plus a point-to-point plumb to give maximum versatility. You’ll get a cross line as well to double-check your accuracy levels.

The latest LD blue-green laser unit on the market makes it twice as bright as red lasers, and there is a Smart Pendulum System that lets you self-level at your convenience with an accuracy rating up to four degrees. There is a flash indicator to let you know when you’re out of leveling parameters.

If you’re a part-time contractor or a DIYer who tackles projects around your home or for family and friends, consider adding the Huepar 9211G to your collection. It works well for small projects, and it has a TPR soft rubber casing that makes this laser waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The full year limited warranty will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting a quality device with excellent features.

6. Bosch GCL100-80CG Laser Level

  • VisiMax technology optimizes energy usage while enhancing line brightness.
  • Bosch leveling remote app allows you to control the laser remotely.
  • 12V max Lithium-Ion battery powers the laser for all-day use.
  • All-in-one functionality allows for a single person job setup.
  • Magnetic mount rotates a full 360-degrees for maximum versatility.


  • Rubber overmold adds durability
  • Smart pendulum system increases accuracy
  • Versatile mounting system


  • Laser line is very thick
  • Can be difficult to attach the mount
  • Visibility goes down after 50 feet


The Bosch GCL100-80CG is a nice choice if you’re searching for a high-grade green laser level that’s packed with unique features and puts out a powerful laser. This device comes with an all-in-one functionality that allows for a one-person job setup. It brings vertical alignment, horizontal leveling, and plump point transfer applications.

The VisiMax technology ensures the laser stays bright in both dim and bright light while increasing the laser’s energy efficiency for long-term operations. The laser runs on a 12V Lithium-Ion battery that is powerful enough for all-day use without fading or dying.

If you’re a construction worker or a professional contractor, consider purchasing the Bosch GCL100-80CG to your tools. It has a reputable brand backing it, and the reviewers are happy with this setup. If you have large or complex projects coming up or you do a lot of projects in general, Bosch leveling remote app adds a layer of convenience to this laser level that can help your job move along at a smooth pace.

Buying Guide

Is a green or red laser level better?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that there are significant price differences between the green and red laser levels. Green laser levels are better than red laser levels because the human eye can better recognize colors on the green spectrum. This makes a green laser more visible under bright lighting or daylight. Check this 2minute video for a further explanation.

Are green laser levels accurate?

Yes. A quality laser level will have an accuracy rating of plus or minus one-sixteenth of an inch for every 100 feet. This is around 10 times more accurate than spirit level accuracy. Spirit level accuracy is over one-half of an inch for every 100 feet away from the starting point.

What does it mean if the laser can self-level?

Many lasers come in manual and self-leveling modes. The self-leveling mode allows the laser to automatically locate and maintain a level within a set range. Some lasers come equipped with a bubble vial that will do a rough level before the laser takes over and do the fine leveling process.

Wrapping it up

Any green laser level you choose should have as many intuitive features as possible like an integrated magnetic bracket, horizontal and vertical cross lines, a rechargeable battery, and a compact design. For this reason, we believe the DEWALT DW088LG is the top pick for the best green laser level.

It’s perfect for a professional construction worker or tradesman due to the durability and host of features. Additionally, the locking pendulum will help keep the laser in excellent working order as you use it from job to job.

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