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The Best Dado Blades with Reviews & Guide 2024

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Cutting grooves into wood requires precision and using the best dado blades will ensure that the job gets done correctly.

There are many great brands out there to choose from, however, and it can be hard picking the right one for your needs.

Whether it’s getting the wrong size, the wrong number of teeth or material, getting the wrong dado blades can be an expensive mistake.

That’s why we’re here to help. With the right products and the best information, you’re going to be able to choose the best dado blades for your saw.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
DEWALT Stacked Dado
DeWalt are known for their quality and these dado blades are no different. The cuts are accurate and that all comes with the highest quality materials to give you a professional set of blades.
Best Value
Irwin Tools Stack Dado Blade
In terms of value for money, you can’t get better than this dado blade from Irwin. They are made from carbide and are going to easily cut through wood to make any groove.
Best Budget
Freud Pro Dado Set
They may be a budget option but these dado blades from Freud don’t compromise on quality. They are made from high-quality materials and are coated to ensure that they run cool for a great finish.

The Best Dado Blade with Reviews 2024

Here's a list of the best dado blades we found:

1. DEWALT 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set - Top Pick

  • 8” size
  • 24 teeth
  • 5/8” arbor
  • 7,000 maximum RPM
  • Carbide teeth


  • Laser cut plates
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Highly durable
  • Heavy-duty storage case


  • Shims can get caught on the thread
  • Outside blades are slightly larger


DeWalt has been able to produce this brilliant set of dado blades. The plates are laser cut to give you a precise blade. The end result is accurate cuts that are delivered by its 24 teeth that are made from carbide to ensure precision and durability.

The storage case that comes with the blades is brilliant and allows you to easily set out your dado stack. It is going to be able to give you smooth and flat cuts. The shims that it has can be difficult to work with but will allow you to get the perfect width.

2. Irwin Tools Marples 8-Inch Stack Dado Blade - Best Value

  • 8” size
  • 12 teeth
  • 5/8” arbor
  • Made from carbide
  • Heat resistant


  • Can be sharpened
  • Wide groove range
  • Flat cuts
  • Quality shims and spacers


  • Loud blade
  • Can dull fairly quickly


These are a very highly rated set of blades and you can see why. They are able to give you excellent cuts and there are a wide variety of buying options for all your needs. You’re going to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The cuts are excellent and it’s easy to get the width that you need. The heat-resistant coating will make sure that you are able to work for a long time and the blades work great on both table and radial arm saws. Overall, these are brilliant dado blades.

3. Freud 6" x 10T Pro Dado Set

  • 6 or 8” size
  • 5/8” arbor
  • Carbide teeth
  • Heat-resistant
  • Negative hook angles


  • Precise cuts
  • Solid construction
  • Great heat resistance
  • Durable teeth


  • Poor instruction chart
  • Shims not labeled


Freud has a good reputation and it is built on products such as this. Despite being cheaper than many of their rivals there is no drop off in quality. The teeth are going to be able to get through a lot of work and remain cool in the process.

The instruction chart could be better and the shims aren’t labeled but you’ll soon be confident about what you’re doing. You can have no arguments with the cuts and the build quality is excellent. It’s a great set of dado blades and produces quality results.

4. Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set

  • 6 and 8” size
  • 42 teeth
  • 5/8” arbor
  • Carry case
  • For radial or arm saws


  • High-quality carbide
  • Precision tips
  • Quality materials
  • Full body chippers


  • Can create ridges
  • Heavy stack


Whether you need the 6 or 8-inch blade, this dado stack is going to be able to give you the cuts you need. The 42 teeth are able to make light work of the wood. Some ridges can be created but overall the cuts are very clean.

They work easily with both table and radial arm saws and the high-quality carbide teeth are durable and remain sharp for a long time. The shims are going to be able to give you fine adjustments to enable you to get those precise cuts.

5. Forrest 8-inch Bore Dado Blade Set

  • 8” size
  • 5/8” arbor
  • Negative face hook
  • Carbide teeth
  • For both radial arm and table saw


  • High stability
  • No bottom splintering
  • Rigid cutting
  • Clean cuts


  • Heavy saws
  • Shims can stick


These dado blades are able to give you a high amount of stability. That will give you confidence when you are making the cuts. It also helps to eliminate splintering when you are making radial crosscuts to give you the cleanest possible finish.

They are highly rated by those who have used it. The high durability that you get will give you those quality cuts time and time again. The blades are heavy which might be an issue for some but they help to give you a great level of stability.

6. MIBRO 416381 8" Carbide Stacking Dado Blade Set

  • 8” size
  • 24 teeth
  • 5/8” arbor
  • Carbide teeth
  • 5 blades and 7 shims


  • Long-lasting blades
  • Clean edges
  • Leaves flat bottoms
  • Durable case


  • Shims can bend
  • Lacks accuracy


One of the best aspects of these Mibro Blades is the high level of durability they have. It means your dado stack is going to last for a very long time and get through a lot of work. The clean edges are going to stay sharp and give you those dado cuts.

The case that the blades come in is very useful. It allows you to easily carry them and there are plenty of shims and spacers to ensure that you get the cut that you want. This is perhaps not as accurate as other saws but is still a quality dado stack.

Related Guides

Buying Guide

Blade type

There have traditionally been two types of dado blades.

1. Wobble blades: These blades are designed to wobble back and forth to make the dado cut. While it might sound simpler, a wobble blade isn’t really the choice to make as they lack precision and are more likely to leave a rough finish. For those reasons, they have become less popular.

2. Stacked blades: This is where different blades are stacked together to give your cut a large width. They are going to be able to give you a more precise cut and as you can imagine are safer than wobble blades. The stability ensures you can do a better job and therefore they are the blade of choice.

All the products that we have looked at here are stacked dado blades, as they are the better option. Wobble blades are still available but they are the inferior choice of the two.

Size of the blade

When it comes to the size of your dado blades, you are going to either find them in sizes of 6 or 8 inches.

1. 6-inch blade: 6-inch blades are more rarely used as they are less versatile. They can, however, run at lower speeds and therefore are a good option for those without a powerful saw.

2. 8-inch blade: The 8-inch blade is going to be able to make deeper cuts into the wood and is, therefore, more versatile. The 8-inch blade needs more power and a higher speed in order to operate and getting the right saw is vital.

You need to make sure you have a saw that is able to cope and it’s important to always check the maximum RPM. This will help to ensure your safety while you’re working with the saw.

The arbor

For those that don’t know, the arbor is the shaft that the blades are going to slide onto. This obviously needs to be a perfect fit otherwise you’re not going to control the blades. Thankfully, there is a fairly standard arbor size for almost all dado stacks.

The industry standard is 5/8” but this isn’t something that you should take for granted. You want to make sure that you’re not only checking your own arbor but that of the blade. Any mistakes could lead to a big waste of time and money.

Number of teeth

As we have seen already, the number of teeth on dado blades are available in different numbers.

There are positives and negatives to a large number of teeth as the more you have, the more likely you are to get a more accurate cut.

Having larger and fewer teeth also has its advantages.

Larger teeth don’t need as much sharpening and are generally more durable. It’s not the most vital consideration as the quality of the teeth is going to be more important as well as the number of them.

Blade material

These blades are often made out of two different materials with the inside of the blade often being made of steel. This is because it doesn’t require the same level of strength and cutting action as the teeth of the blades do and helps to get the right balance of weight for your stack.

For that reason, most teeth are going to be made out of specially formulated carbide. All the products we have looked at here have this feature. It gives you all the key qualities that you need in order to create those perfect cuts with a sharp edge that is going to last for a very long time. Most of these blades are also covered in a material to reduce the amount of heat that the blade produces.

Saw compatibility

Here you are working with tools that are very dangerous if used incorrectly. Using the wrong type of saw is the perfect example of putting yourself in such danger. That’s why the blades will always have clear instructions on how they can be used.

With most of these blades, that means using either a radial arm saw or a table saw. Before you buy your dado blades you need to ensure you have one of these saws available and also that the blades that you are getting are the right fit. Blades will have a maximum RPM too and you want to make sure you’re abiding by this.

Wrapping it up

When cutting groves, accuracy is always going to be vital. Without it, you’re not going to get the joints that you need to complete the job. That’s where you need the best dado blades in order to make those cuts with great accuracy and precision.

For the job, there’s no better tool than the DeWalt 8-inch 24-tooth stacked dado set. Not only does it have an immense build quality but it is able to give you that accuracy you need. The 24 teeth will slice through the wood to leave you clean edges and a flat bottom every time.

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