The Best Corded Power Drills – Reviews & Guide 2024

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When it comes to power tools, one of the most important investments you’ll ever make is in a high-quality drill.

While cordless drills remain popular, it’s always worth having a corded backup in case batteries run flat – or simply you that you’re working on a larger project.

We’ve put together this short guide on some of the best and most popular models on the market…

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
DeWalt DWD115K
One of the best on the market and highly rated. The DWD115K takes our pick as its a heavy-duty solution that packs good power which is backed up by many happy users who have rated it positively.
Best Value
If you don't want to splash the cash on a top model then the PC600D represents great value for money. A mid-ranged corded drill with plenty of power that's highly rated.
Best Budget
Black+Decker BDEDMT
A no frills drill that's perfect for home DIYers on a budget. Simple to use at super cheap price with many positive reviews from happy home users.

The Best Corded Drill with Reviews 2024

Here’s a list of the best corded drills we found:

1. DeWalt DWD115K VSR 3/8 Corded Drill Driver - Top Pick

  • 8-amp motor delivers high performance in heavy-duty applications
  • 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck for greater bit retention
  • 0-2,500 RPM VSR trigger for versatility in drilling and fastening applications
  • Mid-handle grip design with soft grip provides increased balance and comfort
  • All ball-bearing construction provides greater durability and longer tool life


  • Incredibly high drilling performance
  • Ideal for drilling steel
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Suitable for even the toughest of drilling tasks


  • Sensitive variable speed trigger
  • Comparatively heavier than other power drills

2. PORTER-CABLE PC600D - Best for the Money

  • 6.5-Amp motor delivers power in demanding applications
  • Keyless 3/8-inch chuck provides fast and easy bit changes
  • 0-2500 RPM variable speed trigger provides the best results for drilling and driving
  • Lock-on button provides easier control during prolonged use


  • Has a high-torque gear
  • Variable speed control
  • Lock-on button
  • Keyless chuck and comes with a belt clip


  • Some inconsistencies in drill quality

3. Black+Decker BDEDMT Corded Drill - Best Budget

  • Matrix Quick Connect System allows for tool-free change of a variety of tool attachments
  • Powerful 4.0 Amp Motor provides enough power for a full range of applications and attachments
  • Compact and lightweight design allows users to carry out drilling/driving tasks in confined spaces and with ease
  • 11 Position Clutch provides extra level of control to prevent stripping and overdriving screws
  • Chuck Size: 3/8" in; Clutch Setting: 11; Included Components: (1) Double Sided Bit Tip


  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Inexpensive and produces minimum heat loss and surface distortion
  • Great price for the quality


  • Not the most precise drill available on the market

4. Skil 6335-02 High Torque Corded Drill

  • Poweful 7.0 amp motor for tough applications
  • 1/2 in. keyed chuck to accept large diameter bits designed for woodworking and cutting
  • Side assist handle for controlled, accurate drilling
  • Variable Speed trigger for controlled drilling speed


  • Extremely powerful
  • Heavy Duty
  • Great torque
  • Rigger to allow variable speed
  • Forward and reverse slide button


  • Heavier than some other options

5. Bosch 1006VSR Corded Electric Drill

  • Best in class power-to-weight ratio with maximum power at a minimum rate
  • Jacobs ratcheting 3/8-inch keyless chuck holds accessory exceptionally well with minimal slipping
  • Improved lock-on switch design is recessed in handle to prevent accidental lock-on
  • Over-sized 2-finger trigger greatly increases comfort when frequently changing drilling speed
  • Sturdy belt clip frees up hands to do other tasks


  • An affordable low-priced drill with a powerful motor
  • Easily handled for improved user flexibility
  • Incredibly durable


  • Some users mentioned occasional issues with speed control

6. Metabo HPT D10VH2 3/8 Corded Drill

  • Powerful 7-Amp motor, forcible power combines high speed with optimal torque
  • Max torque of 133.7 in-lbs good for high-speed applications
  • All metal 3/8" Keyless chuck for greater durability and better bit holding ability
  • Form fit Palm grip with rubber over-molded handle designed to comfortably fit in hand for improved control with minimal vibration
  • Variable speed trigger with dial for precise operation
  • Trigger lock-on is convenient for reducing fatigue during continuous use operation
  • Easy to access forward/reverse button makes backing out a bit quick and easy, and can be operated with one hand


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight drill
  • Great torque


  • Some users mentioned the speed control is not great

7. DeWalt DWD210G Corded Power Drill - Most Powerful

  • 10 amp motor delivers increased drilling performance
  • DEWALT-built motor design generates more power with increased overload protection for added durability
  • 0-1250 RPM, variable speed reversing switch for increased versatility
  • Soft grip handle and two-finger trigger for increased comfort and greater control
  • 360-degree locking side handle with soft grip for greater control and versatility
  • Metal-gear housing for jobsite durability and increased reliability


  • Extremely powerful great torque
  • For heavy duty drilling
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
  • 360-degree locking side handle


  • This is a keyed chuck drill
  • Higher price than comparable models
  • Some users complained that it's not manufactured in the USA

Is it worth buying a more expensive corded drill?

As one of the most important tools you’ll likely purchase, you want to make sure that you invest in the best possible drill you can afford. Fortunately, there is often a relatively small difference in price between the lower quality options and the corded drills that will be a staple in your toolbox for years to come.

That said, even our recommended best value option will be an excellent starting point when looking to buy a new drill. Going for the cheaper priced drill may feel like you’re saving money, but in our experience, the lower quality drills tend to wear out quickly.

Buying Considerations

The answer to this question starts in your needs and DIY project requirements. Everyone is different and prioritizes unique features. Ask yourself, ‘Which kind of DIY projects am I interested in and which tools will be most practical for completing them?

You need to assess your budget and the materials you are working with, specifically their length and density. Also, consider what you want to achieve from each project.


You also need to look at both your short-term projects and long-term DIY goals before making an investment in the corded drill that’s right for you. Maybe you are looking for extra power – a corded drill is the best choice, but you should prioritize the amp motor and variable speed. Do you want to control and vary the speed settings easily?


Size is another important factor to consider. Will you be focusing on projects around the home or will you be needing a corded drill for working on a job site? Size matters as it is the most practical factor that determines how convenient the drill will be for carrying around. You may want to select a lightweight or a heavy-duty drill depending on your needs.

Other factors to consider include drilling performance and noise. You’ll want to assess its grip design and how easy and comfortable the corded drill is to use. If you’re going to be using the corded drill on projects extensively, you’ll want to choose one with a smart grip that doesn’t cause you tiredness or fatigue.


Are corded drills better than cordless drills?

One of the most common questions people ask when searching to purchase a new drill, is which one is better? The short answer is it depends.

Generally speaking, corded drills will have more torque and power. They generally last longer than cordless drills. That said, cordless drills do offer a little more flexibility regarding using the drill on the go. Many professionals and DIY users often will pick up one of each so that they have additional flexibility depending on the job.

What are the different types of corded drills available?

Like electric drills, there are a wide variety of cordless drills to choose from, each designed for your specific drilling needs.

Standard Drill

The standard corded drill is used to drill basic holes and drilling screws into a wide variety of materials. The standard drill is the most common drill on the market today.

Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is a drill that uses a little more power than a standard drill and using a “hammer rocking” motion to drill into harder surfaces than your standard drill. If you need to drill into concrete, stone, or brick, for example, you would use a hammer drill.

Other Types of Corded Drills

In addition to the standard and hammer drill, you can also invest in a rotary hammer which is an even more powerful variation of the hammer drill and is used for projects that require serious power from your drills.

Lastly, when searching for drills, you may come across what is called an impact driver which is built specifically for tightening or loosening screws or bolts.

Depending on your needs, many DIY and professionals invest in several types of drills so that they can use the most effective tools for their needs.

Does a corded drill offer more power than a battery drill?

In most cases, corded drills do offer more power than a battery-based drill. However, some cordless drills can get close to power levels of a corded drill. Nonetheless, your corded drill’s performance depends on the power source.

What type of drills do professionals use?

Again, as with the “what is the best drill?” question, it ultimately depends. Many professionals like the flexibility of having a cordless drill to use in tough to reach areas such as when working on home construction. However, for projects requiring significant power, a corded drill is often the go-to choice of professionals.

Are corded drills more durable than cordless drills?

Generally speaking, corded drills do last longer because they do not rely on battery power that will need to be replaced more often. Of course, the number of times you use the drill and whether or not you’re using it for projects that require high amounts of power will also play an effect in overall durability.

Wrapping It Up

Your drill will likely be the most used tool you own so it’s important you invest in a high-quality drill that can get the job done.

If you’re looking for the best corded drill, you can’t go wrong with picking up the DEWALT DWD210G. Not only does it pack some serious power, but it’s also comfortable to use and one of the most durable corded drills on the market today.

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