Best Bosch Jigsaws 2024- Reviews & Top Picks

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A versatile jigsaw will help you cut a variety of shapes in different materials without stalling or burning out.

However, there are so many different brands and types available, how do you choose the best fit for your needs?

Buying the wrong jigsaw will limit your capabilities and leave you out both time and money.

Our guide outlines several great suggestions for the best Bosch jigsaw on the market for any budget.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw
If you're a contractor or a professional tradesman, invest in this jigsaw. It's powerful enough to cut through a range of materials, and the counterbalance gets true cuts. From a reputable brand with happy revi
Best Value
Bosch JS470E Jigsaw
Great for DIY-ers and weekend project doers, this is a better value choice. If you're looking for a highly accurate jigsaw that comes loaded with great features without breaking the bank, consider the Bosch JS470E model.
Best Budget
Bosch JS260 Jigsaw
Bosch JS260: If you're on a tight budget but still need a powerful jigsaw to help with all of those projects around the house, the Bosch JS260 is a great choice. It's compact and versatile enough to work at an affordable

Best Bosch Jigsaw with Reviews

Here's a list of the best Bosch Jigsaws we found on the market:

1. Bosch JS572EK - Top Pick

  • Tool contains a counterbalancing mechanism that reduces vibration.
  • The ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip.
  • Has a one-touch blade changing system.
  • Maintains consistent speed and performance levels.
  • Comes with a durable aluminum gearbox and footplate.


  • Bright LEDs illuminate the cut line
  • 7.2 amp can handle heavy loads
  • Tool-free alteration for bevel adjustments


  • No swivel attachment or dust collection attachment
  • A few users reported issues with tensioning the foot
  • Included jigsaw blade is flimsy


The Bosch JS572EK is a good pick if you need a durable and versatile tool to tackle those big projects. It comes packed with several excellent features that justify the price point. The counterbalancing mechanism, combined with the bright LED lights, ensure you get true cuts every time you use it.

There is a variable speed option with an acceleration trigger to give you exact control. The 7.2 amp can handle thicker material without stalling, and the ergonomic handle allows you to get a firm grip for each cut. There is a one-touch blade replacement system that allows for fast insertion with an ejection button.

If you’re a professional tradesman or a contractor, you’ll want to consider adding the Bosch JS572EK to your arsenal. Not only does it come from a reputable brand, but this jigsaw has dozens of happy customers. The precision cuts allow you to seamlessly take on large and small jobs, and it can help your work go smoothly from start to finish.

2. Bosch JS470E - Best Value

  • Has a tool-less blade change system.
  • Comes with a 4-in-1 orbital action tool.
  • An ambidextrous lock button lends steadiness to the tool.
  • Accelerator trigger controls the operating speed.
  • Internal precision machined plunging system gives precision accuracy.


  • Gives different blade strokes for smooth cuts
  • Low vibration design
  • Multidirectional blade clamp holds securely


  • Has no laser for guidance
  • No way to see the cut position
  • Heavier design


The Bosch JS260 is the best value pick because it packs a lot of features and power at a decent price. The tool-less blade change system allows you to seamlessly switch a broken blade out without touching it, and the 4-in-1 orbital action tool settings allow you to make aggressive and precision cuts with ease.

There is a low vibration design with an accelerator trigger that gives you exceptional control over all of your cuts. The ambidextrous lock button comes designed for user comfort, especially when you pair it with the ergonomic grip.

Weekend project doers and DIYers will want to consider adding the Bosch JS260 to their toolkit. It comes from a reliable brand, and it can seamlessly take on a host of projects. The dust blower lever keeps your workspace clean while giving you a clear view of your cutting lines. The footplate will steady the blade and reduce wobble, and this allows you to complete your job with precision accuracy.

3. Bosch JS260 - Best Budget

  • The 6.0 amp motor delivers up to 3,100 cuts per minute.
  • A heavy-gauge steel footplate provides sturdiness.
  • The orbital action settings provide varied blade strokes.
  • The dust blower is always on to keep your work area clear.
  • Comes with a lighter weight design to reduce fatigue.


  • Accelerator trigger regulates operating speed
  • Provides plenty of power for the price
  • Has a balanced design


  • Does not have a guide light
  • Anti-splinter insert is cumbersome
  • Can put out a lot of vibration


The Bosch JS260 is a cost-effective and powerful option for people who like to take on home improvements themselves and need a more affordable choice. It comes with several good features that add value for the money. The variable speed control and the accelerator trigger allow you precision control for all of your cuts.

There’s four orbital action settings that give you varying blade strokes for smooth and aggressive cuts. The always on dust blower keeps your work area clear of debris, so you can keep your cuts straight.

Amateur woodworkers or DIYers who want a cost-effective tool for everyday use or small projects should look at the Bosch JS260. It offers one of the best values in terms of price, and it comes from a very well-known brand. If you have a project coming up that requires a powerful 6.0 amp motor to make cuts and a lighter design to reduce fatigue, this is the tool you want. It’ll save your arms from getting tired as you finish your project.

4. Bosch JSH180B Jigsaw

  • Comes with a very lightweight and compact design.
  • Has a small grip diameter that reduces fatigue and hand cramping.
  • Bright LED light guides your cuts in all lighting conditions.
  • Uses a dust blower that is always on to keep your area clean.
  • Has an on-board bevel wrench storage compartment.


  • Up to 30% lighter than the competition
  • Electronic motor and cell protection
  • Bevel cuts up to 45°


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Doesn’t work well on thick materials
  • Blade can wobble as reported by some users


The Bosch JSH180B is a decent choice if you need a lightweight and compact saw for smaller projects. It has a lot of great features that make up for the slightly higher price, like the streamlined grip with a smaller handle that helps to reduce hand cramping and fatigue.

There is a dust blower and an LED light that increases your visibility along your cut lines, and there is an adjustable footplate that allows for cuts up to 45°. This lends flexibility and versatility to the capabilities this jigsaw offers.

If you’re a professional or contractor, then you seriously want to consider adding the Bosch JSH180B to your toolkit. It offers dozens of features for the price point, and the sturdy construction ensures it’ll last. No matter if you have large or small projects on the horizon, the compact and lightweight design coupled with the powerful motor ensures you’ll be able to take them on and complete them quickly and easily.

5. Bosch JS470EB

  • A low vibration mechanism enhances your accuracy.
  • The powerful 7.1 amp motor delivers thousands of strokes per minute.
  • Use the upfront soft grip handle for comfort and control.
  • The ergonomic body is very well balanced and comfortable to hold.
  • Long power cord gives you maximum maneuverability.


  • Adjustable blade orbit gives maximum cutting efficiency
  • Includes hex wrench storage for quick adjustments
  • Barrel grip allows for several holds


  • Too aggressive for delicate cutting projects
  • Trigger location is a stretch for small hands
  • Blade skews forward


The Bosch JS470EB is a good choice if you want a more aggressive tool to tackle those big projects or thicker materials. It has a powerful 7.0 amp motor that puts out thousands of cuts per minute, and the low vibration mechanism ensures you get accurate cuts. It also has a hex wrench storage built into the body.

There is an upfront soft grip handle with a rubber coating and a well-balanced body that reduces operator fatigue with extended use. The hard -sided carrying case allows you to store this jigsaw and bring it from job to job.

If you’re a professional who needs a sturdy and aggressive jigsaw, consider adding the Bosch JS470EB to your tools. Not only does this jigsaw come from a very reputable and well-known brand, but it offers a versatile tool at a decent price. If you have several jobs planned in the future, the soft-touch start, smooth operation, and maintained speed consistency will help you complete them within your set deadline.

Wrapping it up

Amateur woodworkers and professionals alike can benefit from having the Bosch JS572EK on-hand. It’s durable, versatile, and it can fit into almost any budget. It has a counterbalance system, variable speed and acceleration trigger, and a powerful 7.2 amp motor that allows it to seamlessly cut through thick and thin materials and give clean cuts.

All of these features make the Bosch JS572EK our top pick for the best bosch jigsaw. It works well for professional contractors or woodworkers because it has all of the power they need packed into a convenient design. It’ll give straight and consistent cuts from the first project to the last without fail.

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