The Best Angle Grinders – Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

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Angle grinders are an exceptionally versatile tool…

However, finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

Choosing the wrong could mean you end up buy buying twice – and wasting money.

So we put together this short list of some of the top models available, as well as a buyer’s guide at the end.

Quick Picks

Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget...

Best Pick
Makita GA7021
This gets our top pick due to the power it offers. Perfect for heavy duty work like cutting concrete blocks. Backed by many postive reviews from a well trust brand.
Best Value
If it's value you're after then you will want to consider this angle grinder from DEWALT. A top seller with a huge amount of reviews to back it up.
Best Budget
Hitachi G12SS2
While it's certainly not THE cheapest on the market, it's relatively low price takes best budget for us. One of the better selling models backed up with a lot of reviews.

The Best Angle Grinder with Reviews 2024

Here's a list of angle grinders we found:

1. Makita GA7021 7" Corded Angle Grinder - Top Pick

  • Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers 6,600 RPM to handle the most demanding applications
  • Rubberized soft grip handle provides increased operator comfort
  • Rear trigger switch with lock-on for operator convenience
  • Tool-less wheel guard for quick and easy adjustments
  • Large rubber tool rest protects work piece from damage
  • Three position adjustable side handle for operator convenience
  • Spiral bevel gears for smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy


  • Large disc capacity
  • Solid design
  • Very powerful
  • Low vibration compared to cheap models
  • Ideal for cutting into concrete


  • While it is well built, the weight can be an issue for those doing overhead work
  • Does not come with a storage box


You normally get what you pay for and that’s true especially when it comes to tools – as this is one of best angle grinders out there. Built for the professional contractor who stands to put the Makita GA7021 to the test long term.

Solidly built which is reflected in the weight of the angle grinder as users have mentioned it feels nice and steady to hold. It also comes with a lot of power to match as many users also noted the strong torque offered by this grinder.

If you’re someone who plans on using an angle grinder frequently, or you need a powerful model, then you won’t be disappointed with the Makita GA7021.

2. DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2" - Best for The Money

  • 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor which provides the best power to weight/size ratio available
  • Spindle Size-5/8"-11 in, 1400 W, Corded Power Tool,
  • Tool Length-12 in, Wheel Diameter-4-1/2-Inch
  • Includes-One-Touch Guard,2-Position Side Handle,Wrench
  • Dust Ejection System provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris
  • 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor which provides the best power to weight/size ratio available
  • Dust Ejection System provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris
  • One-Touch Guard allows for 360 degree rotation of the guard with a single action
  • Quick-Change ™ Wheel Release allows tool free wheel removal


  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Highly reviewed.
  • A top seller.
  • Very safe to use.
  • Paddle switch to prevent unintentional starts.


  • Surprisingly very few real complaints.
  • Not recommended for industrial/real heavy usage.


  • A top seller in its category
  • One of the best value for money angle grinders on the market today.

3. Hitachi G12SS2 4-1/2" - Best Budget Angle Grinder

  • Powerful 5.1 amp motor with improved design creates better cooling efficiency that ensures high motor durability and performance
  • At just 4 lbs, the high power-to-weight ratio allows for optimal control and maneuverability
  • Class leading overloading durability for increased life and reliability
  • Low-profile gear housing and a compact body make working in tight areas possible
  • Rugged glass reinforced polyamide resin body and precision die-cast aluminum gear housing for performance and durability
  • Spindle lock allows quick and easy accessory changes
  • Trigger lock-on allows continuous operation


  • Trigger lock-on feature for speed and convenience
  • Super lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Grip was designed to be comfortable and add to control
  • Impressive no-load RPM of 12,000.


  • Start button can be difficult to turn on
  • Power cord is pretty short
  • overheats quickly on low speed
  • Not recommended for those who plan on heavy usage


The Hitachi G12SS2 is our budget pick and is a welcome addition to any home workshop. It’s ultra-lightweight at only 4 pounds and provides great control and maneuverability. That’s not all, it also has a low-profile design that makes it possible to work in tight spaces. The perimeter grip is smaller and the side handle is tilted so it’s easy to hold on to and maneuver around. The trigger lock feature is really convenient, you can work for long periods of time without having to keep the trigger pressed in. That makes it more comfortable to use which will give you better results.

This is the perfect option for someone looking to add an angle grinder to their workshop tools without going drastically over budget. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and delivers results.

4. Dewalt DCG412B 4-1/2” Cordless Grinder

  • 8,000 RPM motor provides high power for cutting and grinding applications.
  • Quick-Change Wheel Release allows for tool free wheel changes.
  • 2-finger trigger switch with lock-off button.
  • 2-position side handle for greater control, comfort & versatility.
  • Standard 3 year warranty.


  • Works great with the 20V MAX Lithium Ion range of batteries.
  • Great power for a battery operated tool.


  • Not many complaints found


If you’re after cordless angle grinder then you won’t go too far wrong with the Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX.

If you’ve already invested in to the impressive 20V MAX range, then this tool will fit right in – and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a top seller for cordless model that has plenty of high praise from reviewers.

Whilst this is a cordless model, it’s ideal for those who need it for quick jobs, those that require a total of less than 10 minutes usage. As that’s roughly how long a full charged battery will yield. If you plan on doing frequent jobs that require more time, then you may want to consider a corded model instead.

5. Metabo WE15-150 6" Corded Angle Grinder

  • Metabo LongLife motor with up to 50% more torque for quicker material removal, up to 20% higher overload capacity.
  • Electronic Speed Stabilization maintains the speed of the tool for maximum productivity even under heavy operating conditions.
  • Metabo S-Automatic safety slip clutch helps the user to maintain control if the accessory jams reducing the likelihood of kickback.
  • Metabo Quick System: the fastest tool-free disc change system at the touch of a button.
  • Electronic overload protection which helps protect the tool from overheating in demanding applications providing long service life.
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • A well respected German engineered tool
  • Easy tool-free guard to quickly switch from grinding to cutting
  • Cool running motor to extend the life of the tool
  • Anti-vibration handle for added comfort and ease of movement
  • Quickly switches from grinding to cutting


  • It is on the higher end of price due to being a European import.
  • Not recommended for the light user.


The WE15-150 from German manufacturer Metabo, was made for frequent heavy-duty jobs and has a lot of features that make it easy to use.

Optimized airflow keeps the motor running cooler which extends the life of the tool. One great feature is the quick change wheel system which utilizes a tool-free quick positioning guard that lets you change from grinding to cutting quickly and easily.

There’s also a safety slip clutch to prevent any kickback in the even of a jam. The anti-vibration side handle is comfortable to use and helps with maneuvering the tool. There’s speed stabilization, overload protection, and power interruption protection, too.

The Metabo WE15-150 is powerful, durable, and has a lot of great features that make it perfect for heavy-duty jobs or as an investment for your home workshop.

6. Makita XAG04T 4-1/2" Cordless Angle Grinder

  • Automatic speed change technology adjusts speed and torque during operation for optimum performance.
  • Active feedback-sensing technology (aft) turns the motor off if rotation of the wheel is suddenly forced to stop.
  • The BL Brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life.
  • Efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge.
  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application.


  • Batteries work with 18V LXT range.
  • Very strong for a cordless model.
  • Lightweight for ease of use.
  • LED gauge to indicate battery life.
  • Kit includes just about everything you need.


  • Not many complaints with this model - just make sure you have spare batteries if you plan to use for extended times.


There ain’t loads of quality cordless angle grinders on the market, however the Makita XAG04T is certainly one of them.

Available as a tool only or as a kit – which is recommended if you do not have any other 18V LXT charging kits.

This tool has automatic speed change technology that adjusts both the torque and speed for optimal performance. It can even turn off the motor if the wheel is forced to stop, preventing damage or injury. The motor is brushless and optimized to use less battery. Believe it or not, you get 50% more usage per charge. This kit includes in part the battery, charger, several grinding wheels, and a tool bag.

Anyone who’s looking for a kit that includes everything you need to get started as well as some nice goodies should check out the XAG04T from Makita.

7. DEWALT DWE4597N 7Inch Corded Grinder

  • DEWALTs Perform & Protect line is designed to provide a high level of: control, dust containment, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance
  • High Power 4.7 HP (maximum motor HP) 8,500 rpm motor
  • Dust Ejection System increases brush life and protects the motor from damaging particles entering the air intake
  • Anti-Vibe Trigger Handle reduces user fatigue caused by vibration
  • Quick Change Guard allows user to quickly adjust guard to redirect sparks
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Heavy duty angle grinder.
  • Effective dust ejection system to keep unwanted debris out of the motor.
  • Anti-vibration handle helps you maintain control.
  • Built to last without sacrificing performance.


  • Maintenance and repairs can be time-consuming.
  • Other than that there are few customer complaints with this model.


One of the great things about the DEWALT DWE4597N is that it’s a part of the brand’s Perform & Protect line.

This tool was designed to provide a high level of control, low vibration, and effective dust containment without affecting its performance. It’s also equipped with an E-Clutch system that shuts down the tool if any wheel pinch is detected which protects against kickback and damage to the motor.

The low-profile design makes it particularly easy to get into cramped spaces. Plus, there’s a quick-adjust guard to shield and redirect any sparks that fly.

Another high-quality and heavy duty option from DEWALT. This tool was designed to perform while also being tough. It provides excellent control, low vibration, and has a lot of cool safety features in place.

8. BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 4-1/2 Inch

  • Metal gear case for durability and longer life
  • 3 Position side handle provides added comfort and control
  • Spindle lock for easy accessory changes


  • One of the cheapest angle grinders around.
  • Perfect for light duty work.


  • Not recommended for heavy usage.
  • Supplied wrench for the grinding wheels is cheap and bends.
  • Some complaints from users about the on/off switch getting stuck when a bit or dirt gets in.


If don’t want to spend much on an angle grinder, then the BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 should be a consideration.

Ideal for those who do light duty work from time to time and don’t mind the light and “cheap” plastic feel, then this will do you just fine.

9. PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 4-1/2" Angle Grinder

  • 11000 rpm for high speed material removal
  • Durable 6 A motor powers through jobsite tasks with ease
  • Cast metal gear case increases jobsite durability and tool longevity
  • 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90 day money back guarantee.


  • For the price paid it feels like a premium model (doesn't feel clunky or cheap).


  • Does not come with a type 1 guard


Another budget option angle grinder is the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG which has been a long time favourite and a top seller amongst DIYers.

For such a cheap angle grinder it does have a sturdy and premium feel, and this was mentioned by quite a few users who were happy today.

One of the main gripes with this model is that it does not come with a type 1 guard which is required if you plan to use it with cutting discs. It comes with a Type 27 Guard instead. If you require cutting discs however,  you’ll have to find a third party solution.

Buyer’s Guide

One of the first things we usually suggest when it comes to buying a new tool is to ask yourself if you really need one. It’s still good advice but, honestly, there are so many different ways to use an angle grinder that it’s just a nice tool to have around for when you need it.

Here are some things to consider when you’re buying an angle grinder.

Is It Tough Enough?

One thing you really need to consider is whether or not the angle grinder you’re considering is strong enough to handle the jobs you have in mind. This is particularly important if you’re looking for something that you can use professionally or if you know you’re going to be using it a lot. So, make sure that the tool itself is built to stand up to heavy work if that’s what you’re planning to use it for.

Another thing to consider is the gear system. Gears transfer to power from the motor to the wheel and, in the event of a jam, the gears will take the brunt of the force. Gear systems need to be able to handle a lot of pressure. This is one reason why investing in a well-known brand is worth it. Brands like Metabo, Makita, DEWALT, and Milwaukee have been making tools for a long time and generally have good reputations for a reason.

Soft Start

Soft start isn’t necessary. What we mean is, it doesn’t really affect how good the tool performs but it’s still a great feature to have. Angle grinders start with a lot of force and a burst of speed that can put a lot of strain on your wrists and hands. Imagine you’re doing a job that requires starting and stopping the tool repeatedly. That can really take it’s toll on you, physically.

That’s where soft start comes in. It basically gives the tool, well, a softer start so that the initial force isn’t quite as hard on the user. Like we said, not necessary but definitely a nice thing to have.

Vibration Control

Angle grinders vibrate, a lot. In fact, they vibrate so much that they can even be a little tricky to work with. That’s why most high-quality angle grinders will have some sort of vibration protection. Soft grip handles are key and an option with a locking trigger switch will help with this. A lot of the models we reviewed come with vibration controlling features but keep this in mind: you will never be able to eliminate all of the vibrations. That said, you can definitely control it.

Dust Protection

We mentioned already that angle grinders are really versatile. You’ll find ways to use them on rusted metal, tile, mortar, and even stone. All of these materials are going to send dust into the air. What makes this especially worth mentioning is that angle grinders produce a lot of fine dust, the kind that gets into everything.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get a tool that has some kind of protection against dust getting into the motor. A sealed system will last a lot longer as it won’t have to deal with the grinding damage caused by these super-fine dust particles.


One of the things to consider about size is how large the disc is. The products in our reviews range from 4 to 9 inches in diameter. Obviously, the larger the disc, the more surface area it covers, but there are other things to think about, too. If you’re planning to use an angle grinder to cut into stone, mortar, or rock, a larger disc is better. It will likely have more power plus it will extend out more so your cuts will be deeper.

Smaller discs are a little more versatile and a lot easier to handle. They usually weigh less and most are designed to fit into small and tight spaces. This is really a key thing to think about if you’re planning to use this tool to do any work on cars. A large disc just isn’t going to cut it.

Power Source

There are 3 options when it comes to power sources: pneumatic, battery powered, and corded electric. We stayed away from pneumatic options in our reviews for a few reasons. First, in order to use one, you have to have an air compressor. Second, while these tools provide a lot of power, dragging around an air compressor isn’t very convenient if you’re just doing small jobs around the house. Third, they’re not a particularly common tool. There are some out there but most of the top-rated options are either battery powered or corded.

Most of the products we chose are corded electric. One of the biggest perks of using a corded tool is you never have to worry about running out of juice. There are some downsides, too, though. They’re not as portable as cordless options and you’ll always have to work around the cord.

Battery powered angle grinders are easy to take anywhere, though they are a little heavier than their corded counterparts due to the added weight of the battery pack. As the battery depletes, the tool loses effectiveness until it eventually needs recharging. We recommend always having a spare battery ready to go so you don’t have to completely stop what you’re doing and wait for the old one to recharge.

Type of Switch

Another buying consideration is the type of switch. These come in two forms: slide and paddle.

Paddle switches are easier to use than slide switches because you can use more fingers to push the paddle down. With slide triggers, you must rely on your thumb – this can be annoying! But, when you buy a paddle switch angle grinder, make sure it comes with a lock-off switch.


An angle grinder is one of those tools that are just good to have around because the odds are good that you’ll find a lot of ways to use it. The products we reviewed are some of the best ones out there so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

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